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Insect bites are evidently very common, especially amongst population residing in rural regions. Insect sting gets penetrated when they bite humans and it results in redness and/ or swelling at the bitten spot. In some cases the bite may also lead to life threatening condition resulted due to allergic reaction. Insect can be scientifically referred to as arthropods which are described as insects that have 6 legs attached to their body and they mainly dwell on land.  The actual number of existing species of insect may range from 5 to 10 million. The categories that contain higher number of species in descending order are Coleopetra or Beetle, Lepidoptera (includes moths and butterflies), hymenoptera (includes sawflies, ants etc) and Diptera (includes flies).

Causes of insect bites

It is believed that insect usually are harmless and they do not bite unless they are provoked. In most cases bites that one experiences is due to a defensive reflex. This means that insects usually sting to protect their selves or nests. During a bite from any insect, a venomous substance from mouthpart of the insect gets transferred to the human body through penetrated skin. This venomous substance consists of protein and other possible substances that may also sometimes lead to allergic reaction. Redness and swelling are common symptoms caused due to bites.

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The hymenoptera family consists of insects such as wasps, bees, fire ants etc. Bites from such insects may lead to severe reaction in the individuals if the host is allergic to such insects. To your information death caused due to bee sting is three to four times more common as compared to rate of deaths caused due to snake bites. It is studied that when a bee stings, it gives away its entire stinger or venomous substance and it also dies during the procedure. On the other hand wasps can bite many times as they do not give away all their injection apparatus.

Fire ants transfer their venom into host’s body through their mandible which is their significant biting mouth part; while biting, they also rotate their body. Even fire ants can sting many times. Mosquitoes are only harmful when they are carrier of vector which is perhaps very common. To your information, vectors are microorganism that dwells on or within these insects. An example of vector cause disease transferred through mosquito is malaria. West Nile virus is another known physical disease which is caused due to mosquito bite.

Here are some other kinds of insect bites and diseases:

• Lice can lead to relapsing fever occurred due to spirochetes

• Sand fly may carry protozoan leishmania that leads to Leishmaniasis.

• Viral diseases such as encephalitis, yellow fever etc may be caused due to mosquito bites

• Tsetse flies may carry trypanosomes that may cause Nagana which is a sleeping sickness common amongst African population as well as cattle.

• Tick bites may lead to physical issues such as Lyme disease or other issues.

These are few of the numerous factors that may occur due to insect bites. Other may also include bites from chigger, mites, spider etc.

Symptoms of Insect Bite:

The response by the host, to an insect bite may greatly depend on different factors and the kind of insect. Usually, most stings by insect result in symptoms such as reddened, hump, pain, inflammation and itchiness experienced at the affected region. If the scratching is intolerable then the host may scratch the bitten region vigorously. This may lead to broken or wound on the skin and may lead to infection. If these conditions are not treated effectively then it may cause severe condition known as cellulitis.

• Incase you are allergic to insect bites; you may also experience serious symptoms even beyond the boundaries of the bitten region. Such conditions are referred to as anaphylaxis. The severity of the symptoms may be very extreme and may include signs such as hives, wheezing, respiratory issues and even death.

• When an insect bites on tongue it may sometimes lead to engorgement of throat and obstruction of airways which may lead to death.

• In rare cases, bites of hornets or clusters of bee have reported of breakdown of muscles and failure of kidney.

When to see the doctor

It is always better to see a doctor immediately as you suspect that you are bitten by an insect. However, you may also visit a doctor if you start to notice abnormalities in your body or symptoms. It is essential to seek medical treatment as these symptoms may progress and turn fatal. Here are some conditions that indicate you need immediate medical attention.

• Wheezing or breathlessness

• Respiratory issues

• Tightness experience in chest

• Weakness

• Difficulty in speaking or eating or even mild sensation of throat obstruction

• Infection

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Treatment for insect bite

Usually treatment for mosquito bite may depend on the symptoms as well as the allergic reaction. For example, if you experience mild pain and reddened area on the spot of bite, then you may apply ice compresses that will help in alleviating the pain and redness. If you know that you are bitten by an insect, you should immediately clean away the affected region with water as well as mild soap. The most important factor is that the host should refrain from scratching in order to void any further issues such as skin breakdown and infection.

There are over the counter drugs available such as calamine, diphenhydramine, anti- histamine etc. These medicines are suggested to alleviate symptoms such as itching.Anaphylaxis kit is for those individuals who have medical history of allergic reaction to insect bites. Before using the kit it is crucial to visit a doctor and seek his instructions. There are other medicines such as Benadryl and steroids which may also ebb away symptoms of these bites. In cases when bite from insect turns into infection, your doctor may suggest you to take antibiotic medicines. Nevertheless, seeking doctor’s advice is the best option when you experience insect bite

 Insect bite pictures

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This is an ant bite picture

This is a flea picture. Here is more information and flea bite pictures.

This is a bed bug bite picture. Here are more bed bug bite pictures

This is a tse tse bite picture

This is a typical mosquito bite picture.

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