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With the arrival of summer, flea bite may become a common issue among people; this is because summer is the time of the year when these fleas become endemic. Flea bite is common not only for human but also for animals. It is studied that fleas feed on blood of both human as well as animals. While some people may show slight or mild response to flea bite, others may develop severe symptoms. These symptoms may also include serious marks and scarring. The worst part about bites from flea is that you may not know what symptoms you may show until the symptoms of the condition starts appearing. Perhaps, one of the most concerning symptoms of the condition is that it leaves unsightly marks.

Effect of flea bites

Fleas are irritation for their host, as these insects cause uncontrollable itching sensation. This causes the host to get rid of the insect by either, smashing it on the spot, pecking it or scratching the bitten skin region. It should be known that irritation is not all that is caused by such fleas; there are many other symptoms that may occur due to flea bite. For example, allergic reaction to the saliva of the flea itself may cause various symptoms. The bites of these insect usually appears in clusters or even line of two sting marks or bite marks. The condition may remain inflammatory or itchy for more than a few weeks from the time of bite. However, here are some other symptoms of the bite of flea:

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• Rashes

• Small bumps at the region of flea bite

• Serious localized itching, specially at the spot of bite

• Hives

• Bloody rashes

These are some of the common symptoms of bite of fleas. There are more serious symptoms such as anemia, hair loss in animal due to constant scratching etc.

Allergic reaction caused due to flea bites

In most cases flea bite are not very effective and bad. However, there are certain reactions in the human body that takes place and turns minor issues into a more severe problem. In cases of many individuals they fail to understand the stimulating factor of the underlying allergic reaction. If you think that the reaction is due to flea then it is incorrect. There is a certain chemical substance present in the saliva of flea which helps them significantly while they are feeding on blood. This substance gets secreted in the body through the penetrated skin. For people who experience severe allergic reaction there are other factors or phenomenon that causes such intense reaction to bite of flea. In case you have a dog or cat allergy then you are at risk of developing even more serious allergic reaction. This is because you are probably not the first thing the flea bit. If the flea that bit you had already bit a cat or a dog before biting you then you are prone to develop serious symptoms.

To your information not all bites may show symptoms. Some conditions may be nondescript or may have slighter symptoms that may go overlooked. In order to protect yourself from such bites it is suggested to try and eliminate the insects from your house.

Treatment for flea bite

When you experience a flea bite, there are measures that you should adopt to help in averting the symptoms from aggravating. For most people the experienced bite may not be just at one location but on several spots. If you suspect that you are suffering from a bite, the first thing you should try to understand is that whether the bite is due to flea. Looking at these flea bite pictures you will be able to understand what a general flea bite looks like. However, these bite marks may be mistaken with bites caused by other insects such as mosquitoes, bedbugs etc. The bite itself will look little raised from the skin surface and may appear to be reddish in color. The discoloration of the skin may spread outside the boundaries of the hump. These bite marks may turn into bloody spots or even scabs. However, all these symptoms develop due to intense, consistent scratching.

It is better to check for flea dwelling on your pets. If you find that there is manifestation of such flea on your pets then there are chances that you are bitten by flea or else there is a risk of flea bite. You should also check your attics, furniture, mattress etc as these mites may also possibly dwell in such area.

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If you are confirmed that the symptoms or marks are caused due to bite from flea, then it is essential to seek treatment. You should simultaneously try to eradicate the source of fleas by cleaning up mattresses, cleaning house, washing your pets and opting for pest control services. This will help you prevent recurring flea bites and compliment your treatment.

If you are already bitten by flea then here are some helpful treatment techniques that may be beneficial. By following below mentioned measures you can avert scarring and prevent severe infection.

• If you are affected by flea bites then wash the bitten area with anti bacterial soap and warm water. It is said that warm water helps by disinfecting the area but may cause itchiness in the area in some cases. Lather the bitten area extending to over the boundaries of the hump. Then pat dry the region with clean towel.

• One can also apply cold compress on the affected region, when the itching starts. This will alleviate the itchiness as well as pain or inflammation thus chances of scratching get reduced.

• Another way to reduce itchiness is by using topical or orally administered anti- histamine medicines. Reduced chances of scratching will in turn lower the possibility of infection caused due top intense scratching.

You can promote your healing process by applying steroidal based lotions. There are various standard bug bite ointments, lotions and medicines which would help in healing the bites. However, it is always a better option to consult a doctor before you adopt any treatment techniques for flea bites.

 Flea Bite Pictures

Check out pictures of flea bite to get an idea of how the bites look

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