Zipfizz side effects


Zipfizz is an energy drink with low calories and is available as a liquid shot, which can supposedly give up to six hours of energy. This energy supplement is produced by the Zipfizz Corporation situated in Mill Creek, Washington. The Zipfizz liquid shot can be found in two flavors, fruit punch and grape.

Each shot of Zipfizz contains 2g of net carbohydrates, 10 calories and 0g of sugar. As per the claims of the manufacturer, Zipfizz can be considered as a healthy alternative to the many energy drinks in the market which have elevated levels of caffeine and sugar. The Food and Drug Administration does not review or approve the manufacture and sale of Zipfizz. Even though the energy drink helps to improve the levels of energy and alertness, its best to consult a doctor before consuming the drink

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Zipfizz is made out of 25 ingredients that include minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes. Zipfizz also contains ginseng, ginger, extract of grape seed and green tea which are often referred to as the “four Gs”. As per the information provided by the product description, the caffeine present in the drink is obtained from guarana. However, the ingredient list does not include guarana.

One can consume Zipfizz by mixing one shot with a single bottle of water. The company maintains that one may intake half of the dose to get less energy, but its best to consume the entire dose to verify the reaction of the body to the formula. The effects of Zipfizz on the energy levels are usually felt with fifteen minutes of consuming the supplement. This energy generally tends to last for 4 to 6 hours.

Zipfizz side effects

Even though there are many benefits to the intake of Zipfizz, there are quite a few Zipfizz side effects. Some of the Zipfizz side effects are listed below:

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  • Zipfizz side effects include vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues. Vomiting not only unpleasant and undesirable, but can also deplete the nutrients from the body and cause dehydration. Vomiting can be caused due to elevated vitamin B12 levels and stimulation from caffeine. The quantity of caffeine in each Zipfizz shot is not listed. Hence, refrain from the intake of caffeine from other sources while consuming Zipfizz, to avoid vomiting.
  • Caffeine does not allow adenosine reception, which is important for falling into deep slumber. Hence, when you consume the energy drink late in the evenings, then the caffeine present in it can result in Zipfizz side effects such as insomnia or fatigue in the next day. Prolonged intake of caffeine can also increase the vulnerability to stroke and cardiac diseases.
  • Even small amounts of caffeine can cause increased blood pressure, decreased concentration abilities and increased heart rate in children. Hence, parents should not allow their children to consume Zipfizz and thus prevent Zipfizz side effects.
  • One of the possible Zipfizz side effects is dental erosion. Every shot of Zipfizz contains citric acid which is essential to get that fruit flavor in the energy drink. Citric acid is known to be bad for the overall dental health as it aids erosion and promotes enamel deterioration. The dental damage caused by citric acid is usually permanent and hence Zipfizz consumption should be limited.
  • Zipfizz side effects that result from guarana consumption include sleeplessness, nausea, irregular heartbeat and headache. On rare occasions, guarana intake may also result allergic reactions leading to symptoms such as hives and breathing difficulties due to inflammation of the throat. Immediate medical care should be taken in case of allergic reactions to Zipfizz consumption.
    • Each tube of Zipfizz also contains vitamin B6 as one of the ingredients. This vitamin does not make energy and is not a stimulant. However, it acts on the nervous system and thus can result in Zipfizz side effects. Excessive amounts of vitamin B6 can result in complications such as pain and numbness in the limbs, which may pose difficulties while walking. Each tube of Zipfizz is known to have twice the daily quantity of vitamin B6 required by the body.
    • Zipfizz does not come with any health warnings and since it is a herbal supplement, it is not monitored by the FDA. Hence, Zipfizz side effects that may arise due to the presence of certain underlying disorders or due to drug interactions are not known. Hence, individuals who are under medications or have health conditions such as diabetes, etc. should consult a doctor before Zipfizz intake.
      • As discussed above, vitamin B12 is also one of the ingredients of Zipfizz. This vitamin does not have any stimulant functions. But it affects the energy levels due to its involvement in the metabolism of carbohydrates. It is important to note that each Zipfizz liquid shot has excessive amounts of vitamin B12 and many times more that the required daily intake. Increased vitamin B12 levels can result in Zipfizz side effects such as impaired coordination, fainting and dizziness.
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