Wolf spider bite-symptoms, treatment, pictures


Wolf spider bite is equally threatened condition as black widow spider bite or some other species, though it has not proven to be fatal. Wolf spider belongs to the family of Lycosidae which is Greek word for ‘wolf’. These spiders vary greatly in size and most of these larger species are found in arid climatic condition such as in Arizona as well as other desert region. Theses spiders may also differ based on regional local as well as habitat. Wolf spider may find their dwelling in costal regions, wooded areas, deserts as well as inland. In fact most spiders do not dwell in a certain region but may wander in hunt of their prey. This is also possible as these spiders carry their eggs on their back and when these eggs are hatched the young spiders are born on the spider’s back. This is a unique characteristic among all the spiders and is a helpful factor to indentify a wolf- spider.


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According to studies wolf spider are proven to be less harmful as compared to some other species. However, the chief issues that it becomes difficult to determine which spider actually bit the host. If you are able to find out the specie of the spider that bit you, it will be helpful for treatment as the doctor can understand the venom and accordingly treat the condition. However, sometimes it may become difficult to prevent the condition from aggravating as different people may have different symptoms. This is because people respond to venom of spiders differently. Moreover even if a particular spider does not carry any hazardous venom, a person with allergic reaction to spider bite may also develop severe symptoms. Hence, it is always wise to seek medical attention if you suspect spider bite.


Spider fear also scientifically known as arachnaphobia, one of the common fears around the world. This fear is not only due to tales of spider bites but is also innate. If a person with arachnaphobia comes face to face with wolf spider then he may become extremely threatened. The category of wolf spider itself is divided into various sub types. These spiders are usually not found in cold regions. Another important characteristic of these spiders is that they are good camouflage. These spiders are also good hunter and hunt their prey with help of exceptional ocular abilities.


Wolf spider bites human only if they feel threatened and are provoked; else wise these spiders avoid human habitation. Many species of wolf spider carry toxin which is traversed during bite. These toxins are not harmful and cause mere itching and pain of mild intensity. However there are some other wolf spider species which are known to cause little severe symptoms.


Symptoms of wolf spider bite

Wolf spiders are not usually harmful. However, there are possibilities of severe symptoms depending on the species of spider that bit you. Even in case when the host is allergic to spider bite, he/ she may develop severe allergic condition. Here are some possible symptoms of wolf spider bite.


• In rare cases necrosis which is tissue degeneration is caused around the bitten region or other parts of body

• Severe wound caused due to larger fangs of wolf spider

• Redness of the bitten skin region

• The bitten area may also become swollen and humps may be seen

• One may also experience pain and inflammation at the affected region

• Necrotizing

• Queasiness and vomiting

• Increases pulse rate

• Respiratory issues

• Dizziness


Remember that it may take time for the symptoms to show up and the condition may last up to ten days. It is essential to seek medical attention if any of the aforementioned symptoms are experienced.



Wolf spider bite treatment


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• Some Australian and South American wolf spider species may lead to necrotic wounds. This means that the cells around the bitten region die and may not be repaired. In such as case it becomes essential to undergo a surgery to remove the dead area of the bitter region.


• If the wolf spider bit you on the face, neck region or head, then even a minor bit may led to severe problems such as respiratory problem or damages to other essential organ. Hence, if anyone experience at such area of the body then consult a doctor. You may have to be hospitalized and rely on ventilator if you experience breathing issues.


• If the wound seem to protrude outward, it means that you have been bitten by spider carrying necrotic venom which is found in some wolf spiders. This may cause damages to cell which may have to be removed through surgical treatment as the body is unable to repair the tissues.


• Little redness and swelling can be experienced in mild cases of spider bite. But if you experience excessive swelling it may be a formidable sign of serious reaction to the envenomation. Keep monitoring the wound and if you notice that the condition is aggravating then consult a doctor immediately.


So in order to manage the wolf spider bite, it is essential to understand that in most cases of wolf spider bite you will be okay or may experience mild itching and swelling. The best measure is to clean the bitten region with soap and water thoroughly. Then keep monitoring your wound and understand if you are experiencing other symptoms. There may be warning signs such as growing wound, excessive swelling etc as mentioned in the symptoms list. Avoid doing exercises and other exhausting activities as it may dilate the blood vessels increase circulation of the venom increasing the complexity of the condition.


Do not be very worried as spider bites are rarely life threatening and that too in case of dangerous spider species such as black widow spider etc. In most cases people completely recover from the condition based on timely an appropriate medical care. There is no guaranteed first aid for spider bite; hence, medical attention is the first suggestion if you suspect wolf spider bite.


Wolf spider bite pictures

Check out pictures of wolf spider bite and see how they look on the human skin

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