Vomiting in Children


Vomiting is one of the common issues in children. Vomiting causes consumed food as well as liquid to evacuate through mouth or nose. It is considered that vomiting is a way through which your child’s body prevents hazards from harmful germs or other substances. Such throwing out of consumed substances may also prove to be harmful as it causes fluid as well as salt content in the body to reduce which in turn causes dehydration. Dehydration may prove to be hazardous for your child as it causes the body as well as its important organs like heart, lung etc to function abnormally. Hence, in case vomiting issue is prevalent it is essential to keep your child dehydrated by giving him or her lots of fluid. It is crucial to call your child’s health expert if such condition arises.


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Causes of vomiting in children:

There are not one but several causes of vomiting, some of these causes are explained below:



Gastroenteritis is also sometimes referred to as stomach flu. It is considered as one of the most common causes of vomiting in children, particularly those over the age of one year. Incase your child is afflicted by gastroenteritis, involved germs infects as well as irritates the stomach or bowel lining. Such a condition arises due to germs like bacteria, parasites and other viruses.

Food poisoning:

Food poisoning is another factor that may cause vomiting in children. Your child may get afflicted with the condition when he/ she eat food that contains harmful bacteria or other germs in it.

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Issues with other body organs:

Your child may also vomit if he/ she is suffering from issues related to lungs, bladder infection, ear issues etc. The bladder in the body is an organ that contains your child’s urine. Your child may also start vomiting due to injuries to head or appendicitis.


GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is another esophagus related disease which may also lead to vomiting in children. To your information our body contains a muscle that opens to allow food to enter the stomach and closes in order to keep the food as well as stomach acid within. Incase of gastroesophageal reflux disease, this particular muscle does not perform its function and causes the stomach acid as well as the food to go back up to the esophagus.

Pyloric stenosis:

Pyloric stenosis is a condition that may occur in babies of up to 4 months old. This condition may occur when a muscles in the middle of stomach of the baby as well as its intestine, grows anomalously thick as well as large. This condition may cause the baby to suffer from projectile vomiting.

Treatment for vomiting in children:

Most people believe that vomiting may get alleviated on its own. However, it is better to consult a certified child specialist. Doctor is the best person to identifiy the root cause of the condition and to suggest appropriate treatment. However, it is a better idea to keep your child‘s body hydrated by giving him/ her increased quantity of water.


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