UTI symptoms in women


Urinary tract infection abbreviated as UTI is an infectious condition of the the urinary tract. The urinary tract comprises of ureters, bladder, kidneys as well as urethra. Infection caused to these organs is said to be urinary tract infection.

The infectious condition may arise due to pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or even parasites etc. This is in fact a broad definition of the condition, but most people prefer referring to the condition in more narrower or localized sense. For example, kidney infection scientifically known as Pyelonephritis, bladder infection also referred to as cystitis, urethritis or urethral infection and ureter infection. Some other conditions such as epididymis, prostate or vaginal issues, etc may sometimes be discussed along with urinary tract infection as it may potentially lead to the condition or has occurred due to UTI.

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UTI symptoms in women


In order to understand whether a woman is afflicted with urinary tract infection it is wise to monitor defined UTI symptoms in women. However, symptoms of this condition are not always present or even if there are any, it may sometimes be nondescript. Nevertheless, there are noticeable symptoms experienced by women which may include:

• Intolerable and frequent urge to pass out urine

• Experiencing burning sensation while urinating

• Urinating frequently but in insignificant amount

• Cloudy urine

• Cola colored urine or pinkish urine which may indicate presence of blood in urine

• Pungent smell

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These aforementioned symptoms are some urine related symptoms, there are also some other symptoms that may include.


• Inflammation or pain in pelvic region

• Pain or cramps in the lower region of stomach

• Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse

• Queasiness

• Vomiting

• Malaise

• Fever

• Chills

It is believed that women are more susceptible of developing UTI or urinary tract infection as compared to men. UTI when related to bladder of the affected individual may be painful but it may lead to serious consequences if affects the kidneys.

Causes of Urinary tract infection in women


There are various factors that may lead to UTI some of these factors are mentioned below.

• Change in sex partner

• Having more than one partner

• Frequent vicious sexual intercourse

• Existing diabetes

• Pregnancy

• Infection of E.Coli or Escherichia Coli

• Infection of staphylococcus saprophyticus

• Using harsh products such as cleansers

• Harmful contraceptives

• Using birth control medicines

• Frequently taking antibiotics

• Obstruction in the urinary tract due to tumors or harmless masses

• Past experience affliction of UTI

Treatment for Urinary tract infection in women


Urinary tract infection may be localized or general as mentioned above. The best treatment for UTI can be obtained through a certified doctor. It is not advised to decide a treatment for the condition on your own. Incase, you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, professional medical attention is crucial. However, in most cases antibiotics serves as a typical helpful treatment; but one should not take any antibiotics without consulting a certified doctor or else it may lead to other issues.


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