Symptoms of low estrogen


Symptoms of low estrogen in women are experienced especially during the phase of menopause. However, estrogen deficiency may also be experienced by younger females but the symptoms of as well as the causes may differ from signs that are experienced by menopausal women. There are three kinds of estrogen, namely, estriol, estradiol and estrone in women. Some women are not able produce any one or all three kinds of estrogen in sufficient amount. Anomalous, level of estrogen may indicate the existence of ovarian cancer or adrenal cancer. Younger females may experience low estrogen level due to several factors. The treatment as well as the diagnosing techniques of the condition may depend on symptoms of the condition, age factor, genetic factors, physical exams etc.

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Symptoms of low estrogen level:

When a woman suffers from low estrogen level, she may experience typical symptoms that may associate with menopause. Such symptoms may include night sweats, hot flashes etc. Since the symptoms of the condition may be mild and vary significantly, some women may not be able to learn about the prevalence of the issue. The following are some of the common symptoms of low estrogen in women, particularly menopausal women.


  •  Hot flashes
  •  Anxiousness
  •  Dryness of vagina
  •  Anxiousness
  •  Night sweat
  •  Loss of sex drive or libido
  •  Fluctuation on mood (mood swings)

Such varied and subtle symptom of lower estrogen level that causes the condition to go unnoticed, are recorded in case of pregnant women or women undergoing hormonal changes. While these symptoms are regularly associated with usual hormonal cycles as well as changes, there are other severer physical conditions indicating low estrogen level in women, such as osteoporosis.

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 Causes of low estrogen level in women

Factors that may cause low estrogen level in young women may include intensive exercise, eating disorder and anomalously lesser body fats. Intensive workout or physical activity, during or just before puberty, for example dancing and gymnastics etc may lead to low estrogen level which may in turn delay normal development of female. A symptom of low estrogen in younger females may be amenorrhea (which is lack of estrogen) or delayed development.


How to know if my estrogen is low?

You, on your own, may not be able to determine whether you are suffering from deficiency of estrogen. You need to consult a doctor if you suffer from any of the aforementioned symptoms. Your doctor will understand and suggest you appropriate blood tests, urine test and other diagnosing methods specific to estrogen level. In younger women, FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone test, a direct analysis of estrogen production, may be helpful. It is studied that low estrogen level also causes decline in FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone test. If your doctor suspects that you are also suffering from Turner Syndrome your doctor may suggest chromosomal test. Turner syndrome is causes due to abnormality of X chromosomes.

Treatment of low estrogen level

Treatment for low estrogen level may significantly depend on the underlying cause of the condition. Younger women who are experiencing menopause as wells estrogen deficiency may not need same treatment as older women with low estrogen level. In all cases it is essential to determine the factor causing symptoms of low estrogen, in order to treat the condition.

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