Symptoms of Brain Cancer in Men, Women


Brain cancer symptoms in men and women are similar. Hollywood Director Tony Scott’s death due to brain cancer has made people wake up to its symptoms.  Most signs involved in brain cancer are non-specific and can be similar to other illnesses.  Also, even though the diagnostic rate is increasing, brain tumors are still rare, which is why the doctors do not evaluate right at the beginning for brain tumors.

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Symptoms of  tumor in women and men

  1. Headaches- Up to 50 percent of people who have brain tumor have headaches.  The tumor headaches are usually accompanied by symptoms like the ones that worsen with bending over, coughing and sneezing.  The headache may even wake people from their sleep, they usually start dull and throbbing and increase in severity and occurrence.
  2. Mood Changes – People with brain tumor may feel moody and experience social decline. They may also have a sudden spike in libido, temper problems and paranoid issue.  These personality changes may not be taken in isolation
  3.  Vomiting – Vomiting especially without nausea, and in the morning are a symptom of brain tumor.  Nausea also does occur but it is not that common.  Vomiting, like headache, is also a vague symptom and can denote many things.
  4. Decline of rational thinking – The brain begins to process slowly during brain tumor and you may find that you take more time to finish a task than you usually do. This, if it specially happens, without feeling tired or lack of motivation is something that you should inform to the doctor.  You may find trouble solving simple math, writing sentences etc. Memory loss and inability to focus are also other symptoms of brain cancer in men.
  5. Seizures – About 33 percent of people have reported getting seizures prior to being diagnosed with brain tumor.  This can cause the body to shake and tremor. One may stare at something or someone for several minutes and feel disturbed by flashing lights.  Loss of consciousness may also occur. However, seizures are also symptoms of stroke or epilepsy, and hence should be reported to the doctor immediately.
  6. Physical changes, disorientation – A man or woman with brain tumor symptoms experiences weakness on one side of the body; he or she may lose balance and the gait may be clumsy; there may be disorientation in the walk.
  7. Vision and auditory problems.  Brain cancer in men and women can also lead to visual and hearing problems. As mentioned before, flashing lights, blurring and floaters are also experienced.  There is one-sided hearing loss and buzzing in the ears.
  8. Speech problems – Slurring, slow speech and difficult while communicating are also symptoms of brain tumor in women and men.  This can also cause frustration to the speaker.

When to see the doctor

If you suspect any of these conditions, it is better to have a medical evaluation done and not ignore the possible symptoms of brain tumor. It is possible that these signs may be an indication of some other condition.  But to be on the safe side, your doctor will be able to diagnose the symptoms early and prescribe a course of treatment.

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