Overactive Thyroid Symptoms in Women


Overactive thyroid symptoms in women may be more or less similar to those symptoms experienced by men. The condition of over active thyroid is also referred to as hyperthyroidism. Though some symptoms of this condition in women may be similar to signs experienced by men, there are also some gender specific symptoms of over active thyroid in women. This condition is related to the thyroid gland which is situated in the front of the throat. Under its hyperactive state, the gland produces surplus amount of thyroid hormone. Thyroid gland is the gland that regulates your body’s metabolism rate, which is the body’s ability to convert food into energy as needed by you. This gland is also some how associated with heart, body cholesterol, bones as well as muscles in the body.

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Abnormal surplus level of thyroid hormone in your body may cause several physical anomalies and changes. An individual with augmented level of these hormones may lose weight dramatically, have faster heartbeats, sweat excessively, experience mood swings or even face nervous system issues. In some cases hyperthyroidism is nondescript; this means that it may show no symptoms at all; this may cause the condition to aggravate insidiously. Such insidious hyperthyroidism comes under notification only while getting diagnosed for other physical issues. Irrespective if the age and cause of the condition, there are several symptoms experienced by women.

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Heart related overactive thyroid symptoms in women:

Hyperthyroidism may also cause augmentation in the pulse rate which in turn increases the heart palpitation rate. This is obviously one of the severe symptoms caused due to overactive thyroid. If the affected woman is old in age or is already afflicted with heart disorder or disease, then she may possibly suffer from heart failure. There are other signs and symptoms relate to heart such as angina or pain in the heart which may take place due to increased rate of palpitation. Increased palpitation may also cause shortness of breath or other respiratory issues.

Muscles as well as nervous system related symptoms:

Hyperthyroidism may also cause nervous system problem as well as muscles issues. For an instance, an affected individual starts to experience tremors. This may result due to of loss of tissues which causes muscle weakness which gradually leads to tremors. It may also cause augmentation in the reflexes whereas other individuals may not able to be sit still. Some people may also experience insomnia which is inappropriate sleep at night. However, mood swing is also common symptoms experienced due to hyperthyroidism.

Eye related symptoms of overactive thyroid in women:

Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid may also lead to ‘lid lag’ a condition related to eye. In some people with hyperthyroidism, their upper lid gets pull which causes the conjunctiva to be seen even more. This makes the affected woman look pop- eyed. When such people are asked to look down without bending their head, their eye lids does not move along with the eye movement.

These are some severe symptoms of overactive hyperthyroidism. However, there are several more symptoms that may be commonly found and these symptoms may include:

• Issues with abdomen

• Intestine problems

• Hindered urinary system

• Vitiligo or other skin issues

• Thinner hair

• Decrease in weight

• Weariness

• Diarrhea

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism may seem mild and less harmful, but in fact these symptoms may turn intolerable. The condition itself is a serious health issues and may lead to adverse consequences if not treated timely. However, if you experience any of the above mentioned overactive thyroid symptoms in women, then immediately seek medical attention before the condition aggravates.


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