Jaw pain one side- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Jaw pain on one side of the face may be a temporary inflammatory condition but it can be intolerable in some cases. The condition may be a result of several factors which should be discussed with a certified doctor. The problem can be classified in two categories based on its severity, namely, primary and secondary.

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Primary jaw pain may possibly afflict due to some other medical conditions related to the jaw. Whereas secondary jaw pain may be due to physical issues or medical condition prevalent at any other region of the body. In case of secondary jaw pain, the inflammation is actually affecting some other region of the body but the pain traverses to the jaws as well. Primary jaw pain may be treated with assistance of a specialist or dentists or in some cases general health care provider, but for secondary jaw pain you may have to visit a specialist to get the condition cured.

Since there are various factors that causes jaw pain on one side of the face, it is essential to determine the cause of the inflammation and then cure it from the root. Hence here are some possible factors that may trigger jaw pain.

Causes of Jaw pain one side:


• Temporomandibular disorder:

Temporomandibular joint related problems are said to be amongst the most common factors that leads to jaw pain on one side. This condition is also commonly abbreviated as TMJ or TMD. When this condition is prevalent the jaw joint is unable to appropriately close or open.


• Trauma:

Traumatic experience related to jaw may serve as another common reason for one sided jaw pain.


• Dental issues or inappropriate dental health:

Since dents are directly connected to the jaw, it is quite obvious that any dental problem may also cause jaw pain. Such dental issues may include broken teeth, tooth decay, misaligned tooth and many others. Some time operations done for curing any dental issues may also cause jaw pain on either side, for example, teeth filling procedures or other surgeries etc. To add to the list of dental issues causing jaw pain, severe gingivitis as well as other gum infections etc, are few other conditions that may cause jaw pain.


• Jaw Arthritis:

Arthritis is a condition that usually affects physical bones, and is characterized as highly inflammatory condition. This may also be prevailing at the jaw joints. The arthritic condition can be either osteoarthritis or even rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, if such condition affects your jaw, there are chances that you may experience severe jaw pain.


• Lyme disease:

It is also said that Lyme disease is another physical abnormality that may progress to cause pain in one side of the jaw.


Bony growth:

Another anomalous physical factor that may cause such inflammation at the jaw region is bony growth. Abnormal growth or spurs of bone surrounding the jaw joint may lead to inflammation when you open or close your mouth.

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There are some other causes that may add to factors that lead to jaw pain on one side, these causes may include, abscess development, jaw tumor, infection of sinuses, extraction of teeth, protruded glands, infection of nasal passage, migraines, cancer of head, neck cancer, other infectious condition or even Osteomyelitis.

Severe causes of jaw pain:

Heart attack can be associated with jaw ache on one side and this condition can be fatal as well. Jaw pain experienced along with chest pain, respiratory issues, queasiness or pain in left side shoulder and arm should be treated immediately as these can be formidable indication of underlying heart attack risk.

Symptoms associated with jaw pain one side:

Jaw pain on either side of the facial skeletal frame itself can be a symptom of any other underlying physical condition, but it may also be accompanied by other signs such as:


• Clicking or popping sound from jaw due to any movement

• Head ache

• Problem faced during jaw movement

• Difficulties while chewing food

• Difficulties while talking

• Difficulties while closing or opening mouth

• Sore muscles surrounding jaw or facial muscle soreness

• Abrasion of teeth

These are some additional symptoms that can be experienced along with pain in the jaw or even due to the inflammatory condition. Hence, to get rid of such intolerable conditions it is wise to see immediate medical treatment.

Diagnosis for jaw pain one side:

In case if any individual experiences any of the above mentioned symptoms then considering a visit even to the dentist would serve as an onset for efficient treatment. Even the dentist may perform required diagnosis. Some of the diagnosis techniques that are commonly adopted are as follows:

• Medical history examining

• Physical diagnosis examining jaw

• Checking sliding pattern of jaw when talking or chewing

• Look for any wear and tear or bitten surface

• Advanced techniques such as X- ray for understanding the issue more accurately

• You may also have to opt for laboratory tests to indentify any fungal infection or bacterial infection.

These are some important information that may help you in coping with jaw pain well. You should consult your doctor immediately and seek medical advice. Such pain may be mild initially but me exacerbate and progress to severity if not treated initially. Jaw pain on one side of the face, in its intense state, is considered as one of the most excruciating medical conditions listed with tooth ache and ear pain etc.

Treatment for jaw pain on one side:

It can be very frustrating to live with jaw pain affecting your regular activities like eating, talking etc. You may not be able to focus or your regular work when the pain is severe. At first you need to get yourself diagnosed to understand what is causing the issue. You may go to any certified doctor, denturist or a specialist to determine what diagnosing technique would be better to understand the root cause of the issue. Based on the report obtained from the diagnosis your doctor may suggest appropriate treatment to help you get relief from the condition.


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