How to treat A Burn


How to treat a burn is something that most people look for; some gain the knowledge as a first aid solution in emergency or some to treat the underlying burnt area of the body. But it should be known that treatment for burns may drastically depend on the types of burn, the region of burn as well as its severity. There are three common kinds of burn classified in the medical industry, namely, first degree burn, second degree burn and third degree burn. First degree burn is milder as compared to second and third degree burn; whereas third degree burn is the most severe kind of burn.

First degree burns are usually mild burns which may occur due to too much exposure to sun, or direct exposure to extremely hot steam etc. This causes reddened skin with little burning sensation. These burns are usually bearable and causes little amount of inflammation on the skin. Here are some tips on how to treat a burn, precisely a first degree burn.

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How to treat first degree burn:

• As soon as you are affected with any hot object you should place your hand under cold water for sometime. Keep your hand placed under cold water for at least 5 minutes. It is essential as it would stop the burn immediately.

• You may also take ibuprofen pills (if not allergic to any of its components) which may help in alleviating the swelling as well as pain. Remember that in case the burn is insignificant or small you need not take any such medication, but if the burn is bigger and causes unbearable inflammation, then consider taking such medication or consult a doctor.

• Gently apply petroleum jelly on the burnt region, ensure that you do not rub the area harshly. Rubbing harshly may also peel off the skin which may increase the inflammation. Burn may reduce moisture on the affected area of the skin; hence, by applying petroleum jelly on the burnt region, you can restore the lost moisture.

• Wrap the first degree burn in light gauze bandage and tape, ensure it is not tight. Do not wrap the bandage to an extent that is it very tight, but just two to three rounds would be sufficient. The bandage is used to keep the germs away from the burnt region prevent further infection, as such wounded skin may get affected more easier as compared to normal skin region.

How to treat a second degree burn

It is common that people my experience mild burn here and there in their life. However second degree burn little severe as compared to first degree burn. It is essential to treat second degree burn much immediately. Here is how to treat a second degree burn.

• It is said that soaking the burnt region in the water for approximately 15 minutes is essential. One should immediately soak the burn in the water as soon as it takes place. One should keep a washed and clean piece of cloth on the burnt region for longer time.

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• Try to apply antibiotic solution on the affected region. There are specific creams and lotions that may help in preventing the region from getting infected as well as provide some relief from inflammation to certain extent. Apply the cream when you are done soaking the burn under cool water for 15 minutes.

• It is also essential to cover a second degree burn. As a part of the treatment, a second degree burn should be covered with dry and clean cloth or medical aid such as gauze tape etc. one should ensure that the tape is wrapped around loosely so that is covers the burn region and does not let is be exposed. This will help in preventing further infection. It is beneficial to replace the old tape with a new clean gauze tape to keep the wound clean and hygienic.

• Consult a doctor for an effective treatment technique. Let the important and tougher part be handled by your doctor such as cleaning, applying ointments and suggesting medication for faster healing. If he recommends you to do the medical dressing at home then ensure to take appropriate instruction on how to do it. Follow the prescription and visit your doctor timely, this will allow him to inspect the progress of the condition as well as determine development of infection if any.

How to treat a burn of third degree:

treating third degree burn is not easy and without professional medical assistance it is very difficult to treat such conditions. Third degree burn is the most severe condition amongst all that mentioned above. Third degree on insignificant portion of the body can be treated easily. But if major part of the body including torso undergoes third degree burn, then it may be life threatening as well. Hence, it is essential to take first aid actions for such intense burns and call medical emergency services without any delay. Here are some tips on how to handle a third degree burn.

• In case person is completely on fire do not let him/ her to run. As running or moving fast will fan the fire and the flames may increase and cover more body portion. Try to turn off the flames using a blanket, rug etc. You may need to roll the person on the ground if nothing is available. In this case you should not try to apply water, ointments or spray etc. Do not try to remove the burnt clothing or you may also peel away the skin.

• Third degree burn often causes swelling; hence, it is essential to remove jewelry or other tight object from the burnt region.

• Try to bring the body temperature to normal level by using a cold moist cloth applying briefly on burnt region. Bring the person in cool shady place.

Remember that these aforementioned factors are just first aid techniques for third degree burn. It is better to consult a doctor or call emergency service if severe third degree burn is seen. These points are helpful factor on how to treat a burn of first, second and third degree, but efficient treatment can be obtained through professional medical attention.


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