Hepatosplenomegaly-Symptoms,Causes, Treatment


Hepatosplenomegaly is a term used to refer to an anomalous physical condition wherein abnormal engorgement of liver and spleen is experienced. In this condition the liver is enlarged from its normal size. A person who is afflicted by the condition may experience the engorgement of both the liver as well as the spleen. During the prevalence of the condition the lower rim of the liver descends anomalously to the lower right side costal margin of the ribs. Normally the livers edge is thin as well as firm; it also cannot be palpated (felt during examination through finger touch) when it lower than the lower ribs or costal margin.

Difference between hepatosplenomegaly and hepatomegaly

Though hepatosplenomegaly has characteristics such as hepatomegaly, both are in fact different conditions and should not be confused with each other. Hepatomegaly is a condition wherein anomalous enlargement of liver is noticed but spleen may be normal. This medical abnormality considered as a serious condition and the affected individuals may also experience some symptoms of the disorder.

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Symptoms of hepatosplenomegaly

There are some symptoms associated with hepatosplenomegaly and are experienced by the affected individuals. Hepatosplenomegaly may also have other symptoms which may differ according to the underlying disease or disorders. The conditions may be nondescript initially but after diagnosis your doctor may determine the underlying condition. Here are some of the symptoms:

• Frequent hiccups

• Mass in the abdomen

• Bruising or easy bleeding

• Tremors or fever

• Digestive issues, especially while digesting large amount of food.

• Looseness in the stools

• Queasiness and vomiting

• Paled skin as well as eye (yellowish skin and eye also known as jaundice)

In a more severe condition the symptoms experienced may be different from mild stage of hepatosplenomegaly. In case if you experience such serious symptoms it is essential to seek emergency medical attention. Here are some signs that are experienced during serious stage of the condition:

• Consciousness loss for few seconds or even more or confusion

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• Fever of higher degree, over 101° Fahrenheit

• Serious stomach ache

• Paled skin and eye which is also known jaundiced

These are some of the symptoms that should not be overlooked and immediate treatment should be obtained to prevent serious conditions.

Causes of hepatosplenomegaly

It is advantageous to have some knowledge about the factors causing the condition. Here are some common factors that may lead to such conditions.

• IM or Infectious Mononucleosis is amongst the common causes of hepatosplenomegaly; it is also commonly referred to as glandular fever. This condition is a highly contagious viral infection which can be transmitted through saliva as well as mucus from person to person. The condition may also lead to engorgement of lymph nodes, serious sore throat as well as high fever.


• Acute viral hepatitis is another condition that can be added to the list of factors causing hepatosplenomegaly. It is an inflammatory condition which is caused due to any of the 5 known hepatitis viruses. To your information, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are considered as the most common virus types that causes such acute viral infection. Patients who are affected with acute viral hepatitis infection as well as liver and spleen engorgement may also experience high fever, reduced or loss of appetite and jaundice.

Here are some other causes of hepatosplenomegaly:

• Abusive use of alcohol

• Congestive failure of heart

• Leukemia

• Metastasis of tumor

• Neuroblastoma

• Malignant hepatoma

• Niemann pick disease a fatal genetic metabolic disorder

• Reye’ syndrome

• HFI or Hereditary fructose intolerance

• HUS or Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Treatment for hepatosplenomegaly

It should be known that hepatosplenomegaly treatment may be depended on the factor causing the issue. The enlarged size of liver as well as the spleen may return to the normal state once the root cause returns to normal. Hence, for better treatment it is essential to seek immediate medical attention to treat hepatosplenomegaly faster.


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  1. BogereAlex says:

    I think we treat hepatosplenomegaly according to the cause because it emerges as a symptom of most of chronic infections.

  2. aziz says:

    i have hepatosplenomegaly and skin nodule
    the cause is histiocytose wath can i do

  3. Jen says:

    My husband was diagnosed with this and sent home from the emergency room. They never really spoke about that; only the other stuff going on. I don’t quite get how it is they treat hepatosplenomegaly. How do they know the exact cause of it?

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