Flea bites on humans


Flea bites on humans pictures,  what do flea bites look like ?  Also read symptoms, treatment and prevention information.

Fleas are wingless, flat, little insects. They have a piercing mouth and sharp jaws. They cause harm to humans and animals. They survive on blood meal sucked from human beings and the animals. During their bite, they secrete saliva, which they inject in blood for preventing the coagulation and blood clotting. This facilitates them to suck blood till their desire is fulfilled.

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The skin reactions caused by the anticoagulant saliva secretion from the fleas, during its feeding, leave the symptoms of flea bite on body. Through this flea bite some dangerous diseases such as murine typhus and bubonic plague are also transmitted from person to person.

Flea bites symptoms 

The symptoms of flea bite are discussed below:

  • Flea bites become visible only after a few hours and normally have a sudden onset.
  • Small red cluster bumps with red hollow around them along with a small hole in center, through which the blood is sucked, are the identification marks for the flea bite. Fleas have the habit of restless moving. As such the fleas do not bite at one place. The cluster bumps are the markings of their bites on its route of feeding movement.
  • The flea bite bumps result in a continuous itching for several days and cause discomfort. Sometimes, the strong irritation can cause one to scratch excessively which in turn can open the skin and lead to tiny wounds. This increased the possibility or risk for infection with serious consequences of skin rashes which may spread to other parts of the body.
  • The signs of flea bite become more apparent in children. Persons with sensitive skin may develop severe allergic reactions which may result in causing urticaria or hives.
  • Sometimes the allergic reaction hives, may develop into blisters.
  • Normally the flea bite occur on the lower parts of the body, such as ankles, legs, and waist area, body joints, elbows, knees and armpits.
  • Generally, the primary source of getting fleas, are the pets. The fleas can then spread by contact with humans.

Flea bites treatment

The flea bites are treated by the following methods:

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  • The aim of the treatment is to give instant relief to flea bite symptoms. Once the flea bite signs of bumps come up, wash the affected portion, immediately with cold water and with antiseptic soap. Apply ice on the flea bite site for getting quick relief from itching and inflammation.
  • The flea bite should not be washed with warm water, because it may aggravate the itching and may result in more break ups of the skin and wounds, which may cause infection and further complications.
  • The irritation can be controlled by applying hydrocortisone creams which are available in over the counter in any drugstore or pharmacy
  • If the home treatment does not give relief, one may approach the doctor for treatment.
  • In normal course the doctors prescribe antihistamine medicines for allergic reactions. For controlling the itching, doctors advice to apply calamine lotion, over the flea bite portion.
  • If the flea bite results in infection, the doctors prescribe antibiotics.
  • Apart from the medicines, actions may be initiated to eradicate fleas from the home area. Generally in most cases the fleas enter the house via their pets. As such they should take their pets to vet doctor for flea control. As a home remedy, a professional can be hired to manage the control of fleas.

Flea prevention

  • The root cause of flea bites are the presence of fleas. As such, providing treatment to flea bite would remain incomplete, until unless they are eradicated from the house. The flea bites will recur, if they are present in the house.
  • To get relief from the pain and botheration of flea bites, the vet doctor may recommend the topical application of certain creams on their pets. Apart from the vet doctor’s advice, applying aloe vera gel or the neem oil on pets will be a natural treatment for barring the entry of fleas inside the house.
  • The basic solution to wipe out the flea bite lies in blocking the entry of fleas inside the house. As such the basic need is to keep the area clean and hygienic for controlling the flea bite. A thorough and complete vacuum cleaning of the whole house, diatomaceous sprinkling for dehydrating the parasites and use of pesticides are some of the major steps to control the instances of flea bite.
  • Providing improved diet of natural food for pets, providing herbal collars to them, and giving them bath with prescribed oil, can keep the pests away from the pets and from the house.

The effect of flea bites can be kept under control at home, if one can have the strength to resist the itching and scratching, which is the major source for getting wounds. This can ultimately result in infections followed by serious complications and consequences.

Flea bites on humans pictures

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