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Fifth disease is also scientifically known as Erythema infectiosum which is commonly found in children between the age group of 5 to 15 years. This condition usually leads to noticeable red rashes on the face which seems like mark of slaps, which is why it is also known as ‘slapped cheek syndrome’. These rashes may gradually spread to torso, arms as well as legs. Fifth disease is in fact a viral illness and most kids may recover from the condition in shorter time without any complications. This condition is caused due to parvovirus B19. It should be known that human parvovirus B19 is not the same as in pets (mostly dogs) of which veterinarians are usually worried. The pet specific parvovirus cannot infect or even transmit to human or vice versa.

According to studies conducted under complete medical laboratory setting it is noticed that approx 40 to 60 percent of adults throughout the world showed past affliction of parvovirus B19. Most of these individuals even don’t remember whether they suffered from symptoms of this condition. This made the experts conclude that the disease may even show mild symptoms of may be nondescript in nature.

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Fifth disease is not specific to certain regions of the world; in fact it may afflict children anywhere throughout the world. However, epidemic of the condition is noticed especially in winter and starting of spring; however, there may be some random cases of the condition recorded throughout the year.

Symptoms of fifth disease

Fifth disease may onset with low fever, head pain and mild symptoms of rhinitis (runny or stuffed nose). The symptoms of this condition ebbs away in shorter time and it seems the infection is gone. But then rashes start to appear on face few days later. These are bright red rashes that first appear on the face. After few days as the condition aggravates, these rashes may turn in to blotches and spread to other body parts such as torso, arms and legs. Usually these rashes do not appear on the palms of the hand as well as soles of legs. As the center of blotches starts clearing the rashes appear to look lacy- net like patches. Children who are below the age threshold of 10 years are more prone to rashes.

Most children with fifth disease rashes do not look sick and nor suffer from fever, but some affected individuals may complaint that the appeared rashes are inflammatory or itchy. There are certain factors such as sun rays heat, stress or workout, that may re- stimulate these rashes even before they completely ebb away. It may take approximately 7 to 21 days for these rashes to completely cure; however, it may seem worsening during this phase before it completely ebbs away.

There are other symptoms that may be experienced under affliction of fifth disease these symptoms may include redness of eyes, diarrhea, protruded glands, soreness of throat and rarely blisters or bruises like rashes. In some cases related to adults and teen, fifth disease symptoms may also include swelling of joint or even joint pain. These painful symptoms are experienced at wrist, ankles and hands etc.

Contagiousness of parvovirus

Contagiousness of parvovirus is at peek before the rashes actually appear. This can be the incubation period, the period the time of exposure to virus and onset of symptoms. The infection is even more contagious when there are mild symptoms experienced especially mild respiratory issues. The rashes occurred due to fifth disease is in fact result of reaction of immune system that usually occurs after the infection has ebbed away; hence, when rashes appear kids are not so contagious.

Parvovirus B19 may transmit easily from one person to another if on suffers from runny nose or through mouth saliva and through caused due to infection. The disease mainly transmits through minute droplets that evacuates into air while coughing or sneezing. For people never had fifth disease infection, there are 50% chances that he made get infected with this virus if there is a child in the house with this condition. Kids with rashes appearing due to the disease may attend childcare and school as they are not contagious during occurrence of rashes. One may develop a life long immunity to parvovirus B19 if once affected in the lifetime.

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The infection due to parvovirus during pregnancy may lead to difficulties to the fetus in the womb. If the mother is infected during her pregnancy some fetus may also develop anemia of severe extent. It is believed that over 50% of women have immunity to parvovirus B19 due to previous affliction of the virus. Severe issues are experienced by less than 5 percent women who get infected while they are pregnant.

Prevention of Fifth syndrome:

There is not preventive vaccine developed for fifth disease and there isn’t any confirmed way to prevent the affliction of virus. It is not effective to isolate someone with this condition as it will not stop the virus from spreading. However, with the rashes appearing on the person it should be understood that isolating the affected individuals is of no use, because the condition is contagious. However, there are some ways that may help prevent spreading of the disease such as maintaining hygiene, frequently washing hands, covering mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing etc.

Treatment for Fifth disease:

Fifth disease treatment based on antibiotics which are generally used for bacterial infection is not usually efficacious. Though there are antiviral medicines available in the medical industry, these medicines are no effective in treating fifth disease. However, in some cases the condition is mild hence one may not require any treatment to cure that disease. Usually children with this condition feel well and normal but they require rest along with mild home based treatment. When fever and cold has ebbed away there is not much to treat in fact except mild or moderate discomfort from rashes. If you are afflicted with the condition it is essential to consult your doctor and ask for advice to alleviate discomfort experienced due to prevalence of to fifth disease.

 Fifth Disease Pictures

Check out fifth disease pictures to see how the rash looks on the skin

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