Bipolar Disorder symptoms in women


Understanding bipolar symptoms in women would be perhaps the first step in treating the condition. Bipolar disorder is amongst the frequently recorded mental disorders which is prevalent in US. This condition is considered to be more common amongst American women than men. The condition is actually dissimilar from depression but in considerable cases it is misdiagnosed as depression. However, the condition is associated with physiological state and includes phases of depression as well as certain mania symptoms. Bipolar disorder is said to be influential enough to hinder daily living activities of the affected individual.

In case of bipolar disorder manic signs such as boasting oneself, high optimism etc. This symptom may suddenly change into depression and may also cause person to start feeling worthless as well as show less interest in activities. In general a woman suffering from bipolar disorder may experience mood fluctuations between euphoric and extreme depressive state.

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Causes of Bipolar symptoms in women

There are several factors that may lead to bipolar disorder in women accompanied with various symptoms. Some of the common factors are as follows.

  • Malfunctioning of neurotransmitters is regarded to be primary factors causing bipolar disorder.¬† Neurotransmitters are physical chemical that regulates the functioning of brain. Any anomaly related to neurotransmitters such as reduced level of norepinephrine may cause depression; whereas, surplus norepinephrine count may cause euphoria or mania.
  • It is considered that fluctuations in other physical chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine may also cause such issues.
  • According to scientific experiments and researches it is studied that genes play a significant role in causing the condition. Incase any member of the family is afflicted with bipolar disorder then other members of the family are also vulnerable to mood swings. However, it is not yet confirmed which gene actually causes the condition.
  • Apart from the aforementioned physical condition, external factors such as traumatic experiences are said to be associated with bipolar issue. Such traumatic incidences may include injury to head, drug addiction, death of a loved one etc.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder in women

There are various symptoms that may be experienced by a woman suffering from bipolar disorder, which may include:-

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  • Feeling of extremely increased strength
  • Hyper activeness
  • Irritation
  • Sleeplessness
  • Promiscuity
  • Increased speech activity such as changing topic frequently
  • Hyper physical activity
  • Hallucination and grandiose

Depressive phase experienced under the condition may cause some of the following symptoms:

  • To much sleep
  • Guilt feeling
  • Continual crying
  • No energy or insignificant energy
  • Extreme gloominess
  • No interest in socializing
  • Lack or regular hygiene
  • No interest in activities of daily living
  • Suicidal feeling
  • Feeling of worthlessness
  • Despair
  • Reduced concentration
  • Reduced memory

In people with bipolar disorder weight changes is also a formidable sign. One may reduce or gain weight dramatically under influence of the condition.

Other issues that a bipolar disorder affected women may experience are:

  • Sudden loss of interest in hobbies that once used to be interesting
  • Inability to control emotions or temper
  • Sudden change in dressing manner and interest towards brighter clothes
  • Behaviors that may be upsetting for friends, family and acquaintance

As mentioned above patients may start feeling suicidal. It is surveyed that untreated bipolar issue has 15 percent increased risk of death through suicide. As compared to general population, number of attempted suicide is higher in people with manic- depressive illness. People who are suffering from this condition deny of being affected by bipolar disorder.

Treatment and prognosis for bipolar disorder

Treatment of bipolar disorder actually starts with diagnosis of the condition. The condition can be tested through tests such as CT scan or Computer Topography scan and some other tests. Treatment may focus on alleviating symptoms of the disorder. The treatment may include various medicines as well as therapies in order to prevent from relapse.

There are several medications that can reverse the imbalance of neurotransmitters; however, there may be some possible side effects experienced during the medical regimen. For instance, there are antipsychotic such as lithium etc is usually suggested to treat bipolar disorder symptoms in women.  There are also other medications such as Risperidone as well as Olanzapine which are used to alleviate the psychological condition associated with bipolar disorder.

Also therapy are introduced that claim to provide relief from this physical issue. These therapies may involve group therapies or therapies that may involve families, etc. Pschoeducation is also helpful as it educates the affected individual about the disorder. Such education makes the affected individuals aware of illness, symptoms and other factors; thus, enabling the patient to prevent any further physical adversity. Some cognitive therapy may also help the patient to find the root cause of the negative mind frame and how to deal with it getting rid completely.

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