Wheat Allergy Symptoms in Women


All the foods such as breads, beer, breakfast cereals, ketchup, pasta, cakes, etc. that contain wheat may induce severe allergic reactions in some women. Such women are known to be suffering from wheat allergy.

There are a lot of antibodies in our body. The antibodies, in women who are allergic to wheat, react in an adverse manner to the presence of a protein that is found in wheat. Hence, such women are allergic to wheat or wheat products.

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Wheat allergy in women is different from celiac disease.

Symptoms of wheat allergy in women

When women with allergy to wheat consume wheat or wheat products, the onset of an allergic reaction and symptoms are rapid and quick. It may take a few minutes to a few hours for the symptoms of wheat allergy to show up in women. Some of the symptoms of wheat allergy in women are mentioned below:

• Swelling or inflammation of the skin. There may be presence of rashes as well as hives on the skin. Women may experience severe itching of the skin.

• The eyes may become itchy, glassy and watery.

• Women may experience severe irritation, inflammation and itching in the throat and the oral cavity or the mouth.

• Muscles cramps and pain

• Congestion and clogging of the nose

• Women may face severe gastrointestinal problems due to poor digestion. The digestive problems may include constipation or diarhea, severe bloating and gassing and the texture and odor of stools in women with wheat allergy changes in character, indication an allergic reaction

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• Problems in breathing

• Vomiting that is accompanied by nausea

• Neurological problems such as increased fatigue and tiredness, sluggishness, irritation and decreased concentration capabilities.

• Wheat allergies in women may also result in secondary conditions such as anaphylaxis, which may result in tightness or pain in the chest, palpitations, changes in skin color to a pale blue, tightness and inflammation of the throat, difficulties in swallowing, increased fainting and dizziness and problems in breathing

Causes of wheat allergy in women

• The antibodies are produced in the body by the immune system to protect it from bacterial, viral, toxic or other infections. Women who have wheat allergy have antibodies that mistake the proteins found in wheat to toxins or substances that may cause harm to the immune system and the body.

• Hence, intake of wheat or wheat products produces an allergic reaction in women who are allergic to wheat.

• There are four different kinds of proteins in wheat and the presence of any one of them can lead to an allergic reaction in women.

• Women who have a family history of wheat allergy are at greater risk to develop the condition than others

Treatment of wheat allergy in women

• Women who have wheat allergy have to avoid intake of wheat or wheat products and that is the best solution to the condition. Preventive methods may also include wearing a bracelet that indicates the presence of the condition, reading all the labels carefully as well as extra precaution while eating out.

• Women who experience an allergic reaction to wheat may be treated with drugs such as antihistamines and epinephrine. Women who are prone to sever allergic reactions to wheat intake must always carry a safe dosage of the drugs with them.

• In case the drugs do not help in alleviating the allergic reaction to wheat, hospitalization is necessary.

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