Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms in women


Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms in women may differ depending upon the physical traits of women. Vitamin B12 is one of the several kinds of Vitamin B and it is significant for body in order to enable it to function well. It is a water soluble vitamin which is required by the body for production of RBC or Red Blood Cells. It also plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis as well as in other particular neurological functions. There are other nutrients and body chemicals that depend of vitamin B12 for their functioning. For a woman who is suffering from this deficiency, her body may not be able to perform the above mentioned function appropriately.

To avoid abovementioned physical anomalies it is essential to understand whether your body lacks this vitamin. There are certain symptoms that a woman experiences when she suffers from deficiency of vitamin B12. These symptoms are explained below.

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Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in women


As mentioned above vitamin b12 also helps in developing red blood cells. These are the cells that carry oxygen along with the blood to every part of the body. Due to vitamin b12 deficiency the body will not contain sufficient amount of red blood cells hence it will also significantly affect the distribution of oxygen to various parts of the body. This may lead to anemia which is caused due to inability of digestive system to absorb vitamin b12. Anemia can be considered as one of the serious vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms in women.


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Fatigue can be considered as one of the common symptoms of vitaminb12 deficiency in females. It may also be equally experienced by men. The condition may cause you to feel tired as well as drained out completely. The condition may be recurring after regular intervals during the day. Weakness may also be prevalent due to vit- b12 deficiency. At times you may also feel lightheaded as well as tired due to lack of vitamin at the same time lowered oxygen in blood.

Mental issues

Vitamin B12 is also essential in regulating or secreting hormone such as serotonin. Serotonin is that hormone which actually regulates your moods. When there is deficiency of vitamin B12, the secretion of serotonin gets hindered. This may in turn cause mental issues such as reduced concentration, emotional disturbance, immense depression, memory loss, confusion, delirium as well as other general psychological issues. These psychological changes may also cause suicidal tendency which may prove to be life threatening; hence, it is essential to consult a doctor and get yourself treated timely.

Physical symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin B in women

Vitamin B12 is also essential source of myelin chemical and this chemical is highly significant to maintain balance of your body. If there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body then your body may face lack of myelin chemical which in turn cause issues such as physical balance loss as well as degradation of reflexes. There are other neurological damages that may result out of deficiency of vitamin B12.

There are other issues such as sleep deprivation, stress, etc which are also associated with insufficiency of vitamin b12. Looking at these symptoms it can be said that vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms in women may cause serious physical issues it is best when treated timely.


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    Why don’t Dr. Check for these b vitamins before putting a person on all these antidepressants? That could be why we have such a high suicide rate to this day. Also people who have chronic pain. They put them on all these pain meds then there hooked on heroin, cocaine, pain pills. Dr. really need to start looking into this. Turn this country around and do what is right. Instead of listening to these drug reps. Do what they went to school for. I started looking into a lot of this stuff. I was sick of the side effects of the antidepressants they put me on . Went into convultions with Effexor. Acidentally overdosed on celexa. You never see anything advertised on T.v. where vitamin company is being suided for death of a vitamin.

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