Triglycerides – Normal Range, Low, HIgh


What are triglycerides ?

Triglyceride is a type of fat that can be found in the blood stream which is used by the body as a source of energy. Triglycerides protect the body against the extremes of temperatures because it cushions the body with the normal body temperature by producing heat.When a person eats foods rich in triglycerides, the triglycerides are not used immediately by the body but are stored inside the fat cells instead. If the body needs energy to perform activities then the fat cells would release triglycerides to give energy to the body.


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A person must maintain the triglycerides normal range because if he or she eats too much, but the calories which consist of triglycerides and carbohydrates are not burned, then there would be problems in the body. So, having a healthy lifestyle by limiting the triglycerides and fat intake as well as maintaining a regular exercise routine can aid in keeping the triglycerides normal range.


Triglycerides and Cholesterol


If a person has triglycerides normal range, he or she should have cholesterol levels within the normal range as well because triglycerides and cholesterol are interrelated with each other. Though triglycerides and cholesterol are different types of fats in the blood stream, they work hand in hand to keep the body healthy. When the triglycerides normal range becomes higher, the person is at higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.  This is so because when both triglycerides and cholesterol are higher than normal, there would be bigger chances for the development of cardiovascular diseases.Furthermore, eating foods rich in saturated fat and trans fat may affect the triglycerides normal range in the blood.


Diagnostic tests to know the level of triglycerides in the body


The primary care provider would request a laboratory examination for the patient suspected of havingtriglycerides higher than the normal range, especially if the person is experiencing signs and symptoms of hypertriglyceremia or high triglycerides in the blood stream. The test is called Lipid Profile or Lipid Panel Test which determines not just the triglycerides normal range but also the high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein and the total cholesterol in the blood.

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Since a blood sample is needed for the lipid panel test, there are various preparations required of the patient to ensure accurate results. The patient needs to undergo fasting, which means he or she can only drink water and no other food and beverages should be taken for 12 to 14 hours before the scheduled test. If the patient is constantly drinking coffee or alcohol, it should be stopped 48 hours before the test to avoid inaccurate results.Alcohol and coffee can alter the results if taken without regard to the 48 hour-fasting rule since the plasma fatty acid can be detected in the test when the person takes coffee and alcohol within 24 hours or less.The medications taken by the patient such as vitamins, antibiotics and steroidal drugs should also be stopped 24 hours before the test because these could make the triglycerides normal range higher than expected.


During the lipid panel test, the patient is asked if he or she did fasting for atleast 12 to 14 hours prior, and if he or she has refrained from drinking alcohol and coffee for the last 48 hours. After taking the baseline data, the health care provider would get a blood sample from the patient and send it to the laboratory for examination. The patient may request the health care provider to conduct the lipid panel test twice to assure accurate results.


What is the triglycerides normal range?


The triglycerides normal range is 150 mg/dl and below, or 1.7 mmol per L. If the triglycerides level is slightly high, from 150 to 199 mg per dl or 1.8 mmol per L, the person is considered to be at the borderline of hypertriglyceremia. However, a result of 200 to 500 mg/dl or 2.3 to 5.6 mmol/L is a sure sign that the person was not able to successfully control the triglycerides in the blood stream.

Triglycerides – low or high 


A person can experience different kinds of health problems if the triglycerides normal range is not maintained. He or she may develop vision problems since the triglycerides that have accumulated in the blood go to the eyes, specifically the retinal area. The person may also have eruptive xanthomas due to the accretion of fats in the skin.  The condition will resolve if the triglycerides normal range is regained.Finally, high triglyceride levels may likewise affect the brain. Depression, memory loss and dementia are some of the conditions that arise from problematic triglyceride levels.

Getting the desired triglycerides normal range is easy when the person knows how to live a healthy lifestyle.Controlling the fat intake and performing regular exercises would help in keeping the triglyceride levels within the standard range.


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