Symptoms of Menopause Onset


Symptoms of menopause onset is experienced by a female when she is about to be afflicted or is in starting stage of menopause. The condition is said to be prevalent when a female does not experience periods or even light spotting of menses for a year. It is only after 12 months without periods that a woman is qualified as patient of menopause or even post menopause. Apart from this there can be hysterectomy menopause which is caused due to surgery or even chemical menopause. The chief cause of no periods for such a long time is no production of estrogen or low estrogen in women.

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There are numerous symptoms of onset of menopause in women which may be experienced in different phases of the condition. Some women are fortunate enough as they do not experience any major symptoms of menopause onset. There are many helpless women who experience symptoms for several years even before their menstrual cycles or periods are stopped. Menopause and its symptoms are usually seen in women who are above the age of 40 years, as this is the time when menstrual cycle of a women comes to an end due to destruction of the eggs in the ovaries. This phenomenon affects the estrogen level within the ovaries which influences the overall body of the affected female. Here are some symptoms of menopause onset explained.


Top 5 symptoms or signs of start of menopause:


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  • Hot flushes: Hot flushes are said to be among the initial symptoms of menopause onset in females. These flushes are considered as most common symptoms amongst all females who are undergoing menopause. These flushes usually occur during night which we call as night sweats.
  • Problem with sleeping: Many women may also become restless or have problems with sleeping. This is perhaps due to night sweat or hot flushes, wherein the temperature of the body rises, which wakes them up
  •  Mood swings: It is widely known that hormonal fluctuations bring about mood swings. Since, during menopause there is a fluctuation in estrogen level, almost all women undergoes mood swings. There can be many psychological affects such as depression, anxiousness, erratic mood etc
  •  Reduced sex drive: The hormonal changes going within the body may also influence the sexual drive of a female. Females may experience reduced libido due to menopause onset. It can be a problem with the affected female’s sexual life; this is mostly due to lack of estrogen
  • Increase in weight: Dramatic reduction in weight is another common symptom of menopause onset in women. During the menopausal stage metabolism turns slow and the affected female may feel lethargic. This causes reduction in body energy and most women then repulse from exercises and some daily activities; however, their eating habits may remain the same. This is why most women tend to gain weight during menopause.

There are also some other symptoms of menopause onset experienced by females, these symptoms may include:

  •  Episodes of rapid heart throbs
  •  Tears
  •  Dryness of vagina
  •  Fatigues
  •  Concentration issues
  •  Worrisome memory lapses
  •  Fecal or urinal incontinence especially while laughing, coughing or sneezing etc.

These are some common, but not all, symptoms of menopause onset which is experience by numerous women undergoing the condition. Remember that menopause is natural phenomenon which occurs with all women. There is nothing to be worried about but it is better to consult a doctor to control the symptoms of menopause.

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