Symptoms of Depression in Women


Depression symptoms in women may vary significantly and different women may experience dissimilar level of depression. Depression in women is one of the most common women’s health issues. In fact women’s are at twice greater risk of developing depression as compared to men. About one of four women may experience depression at least once in the life. Depression is a metal disorder which is serious as well as pervasive. It leads to various mood swings such as hopelessness, gloominess, helplessness and self- unimportance. There are several symptoms associated with depression these symptoms may range from mild to moderate.

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Symptoms  of depression in women

Hindered concentration

Concentrating ability of the suffering woman may get affected as her mind is usually occupied with worries as well as negative thoughts. It may become difficult to concentrate on anything as anxiousness distracts the memory. Inability to concentrate well may cause confusion as well as indecision.

Weight related issues

Depression may also lead to dramatic reduction in weight as well as weight gain. This is because the condition causes loss of appetite or may also cause you to eat more than your regular meal quantity. This may turn into a cycle as both the conditions may in turn cause depression.

Sleep issues

Approximately 80% of women suffering from depression may also suffer from insomnia which is sleeplessness. If such a condition is prevalent the afflicted woman may feel tired during the day. On the other hand in rare cases the affected female may sleep for more time then usual. Inappropriate sleep may also cause great distress and may also involve waking up early, having disturbing dreams as well as waking up several times throughout the night.

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Loss of energy

Loss of energy or exhaustion may also be associated with inappropriate sleep. However, this condition may be due to apathy. Such condition is extremely tiring and makes simple tasks difficult to be performed.


Constipation is stomach related issues which may be an outcome of depression. This is because in some cases physical function may get hindered and causes such difficulties. When a female is affected with constipation she may experience frequent bowel movement but may be able to pass insignificant amount of stools.

Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular period is another physical issues that may be experienced by women when they are under immense depression. However, in extreme cases a woman may also experience no menses during her periods, just like missed periods.

Low libido

Both depression as well as sexual desire or libido, are psychological factors; hence, they may be associated with each other. Depression may cause negative thoughts or lowered self- confidence which may affected libido of a female. A woman may also feel emotionally numb which may cause their interest in sex go down. This symptom may also be experienced by men suffering from depression.

Apart from the aforementioned symptoms there are other symptoms such as:

• Tremors

• Shortness of breath

• Increase palpitation

• Irritation

• Wanting to be isolated

• Reduced socialization

Though depression may seem less harmful then other physical issues it should not be taken lightly. Psychological issues such as depression may also cause suicidal tendency which may be life threatening. Before the condition starts showing severe depression symptoms in women, it is essential get it treated timely.


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