Symptoms of chickenpox in children


Chickenpox is a very common childhood issue which is related to skin caused due to viral infection. The virus that causes the infection is known as varicella- zoster. Earlier the condition was very common but due to introduction of appropriate vaccinations the condition is not frequently recorded nowadays. However, it may occur amongst people who do have appropriate medical facilities. The virus varicella zoster is repeatedly categorized with other viral exanthems or in simple term viral rashes, such as, mumps virus, measles, rubella, parvovirus B19 etc. However, to your information these viruses are often not related, but discussed usually with chickenpox due to their potential of causing rashes.

In unimmunized population, chickenpox is common among children who are 15 years old. However, majority of chickenpox cases are with children aging 5 years to 9 years old. To your information, this condition is found to be severe when afflicting adults or infants. During the chickenpox is commonly found in seasons such as winter and spring.

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Spread of chickenpox

Chickenpox is studied to be extremely contagious. The infection is transmitted through particles in air, droplets imparted in air and substances from blisters and sores. The patient is said to be contagious during the five days after as well as five days before the appearance of rashes. The affected person is not contagious when the sores on the body become crusted.

Symptoms of chickenpox:

There are various symptoms experienced under affliction of chickenpox. The most common and signature symptom of the condition is red rashes that appear on the skin. There are other symptoms which are experienced even before the rashes starts to appear, for example there the affected individual may experience symptoms like flu.

• Sickness

• High fever of temperature measuring 38 degree centigrade or even more

• Pain in the muscles

• Pain in head

• Feeling generally ill

• Dramatic reduction of appetite

These are some flu- like symptoms that may aggravate in case of adults, especially fever.

Spots of chickenpox

Soon after a person experiences flu like symptoms, one may also experience itchy rashes on the skin. Some affected individuals may have fewer spots on the body whereas others may haves spots from head to toe. These spots usually appear in clusters and may be seen in body regions such as.

• On or behind ears

• On face

• On the scalp

• Beneath the arms

• On the chest

• On abdomen

• On hands as well as legs

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There are also some other unusual symptoms experienced under the prevalence of chickenpox. Most people affected with this condition get healed without any significant treatment but just by resting. However, in some severe cases people may develop serious symptoms which need medical attentions. For examples, when your child develops blisters with red and painful surrounding or when your child starts experiencing pain in the chest or respiratory issues. These are some symptoms that may indicate the need of emergency medical attention. Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately if your child experiences chickenpox symptoms.

Chickenpox treatment in children

Chickenpox is an infection that is found in children, particularly below 12 years of age. Since the ilness is caused by a virus, the doctor will not prescribe antibiotics. However, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics only if the sores are bacteria infected, particularly when the children scratch and there are blisters formed on the skin.

The antiviral medicine acyclovir is prescribed for those with chickenpox with the chances of more complications. The drug, which can render the infection weak, must be given within the first 24 hours after the appearance of the rash. Ayclovir is only given on the basis of doctor’s  prescription, he or she wil decide if the medication is needed.

Chickenpox in children pictures

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