Symptoms of Cervical Cancer in Young Women


Approximately 13,500 women every year are found to have shown symptoms of cervical cancer in young women. But oftentimes, the symptoms are hard to detect which is why this condition sometimes goes unnoticed until it reaches the advanced stages.


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Sexual intercourse with multiple partners results to higher risk of developing symptoms of cervical cancer in young women. Cervical cancer usually starts in the cervical lining and progresses over a period of time. A young woman who smokes and has a weak immune system has an increased risk of cervical cancer.


Symptoms of Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect young women today. It basically has four stages and the treatment varies according the phase the cancer is in. An early diagnosis is easier to treat and in fact has a positive prognosis. Though symptoms of cervical cancer in young women do not show at the early stage, here are the indicators that every woman should watch out for:


Vaginal bleeding

Cervical cancer causes abnormal vaginal bleeding in young women such as increased menstrual flow and bleeding after sex or between periods. This is a very common symptom of cervical cancer and other conditions.


Vaginal discharge

Watery and sometimes blood tinged vaginal discharge is common in cervical cancer patients. These discharges can easily be recognized through its frothy appearance.


Pelvic pain

Persistent pelvic pain can be caused by many different reasons including cervical cancer. This type of pain is often felt at the abdomen and can be describes as a dull ache with sharp pain. When pain is felt at a regular basis, then it would be best to have your condition checked by your doctor.


Blood in urine

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Blood in urine can be due to various factors, from mild to severe conditions such as cervical cancer. It may appear as brown to pink color and can be pretty alarming. Most of the time, this is causes by less serious conditions such as urinary tract infection. But to be sure, it would be wise to consult a medical professional.


Late stage symptoms of cervical cancer in young women:


Weight loss

Though for many women losing weight can be very delightful, losing weight due to unexplainable reason is a different thing. If you feel like you’re getting thin without exerting effort or any changes in lifestyle, then something is definitely wrong and you should see your doctor.


Leg pain or swollen leg

If the cancer grows and spreads into the pelvis, this leads to compression of the nerves thus causing leg pain and swelling.


Painful urination

This symptom is a sign that the cancer may have progressed and spread around the nearby tissues and organs, more specifically onto the bladder.



Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of advanced cervical cancer. Though it may be experienced during the earlier stage of the disease, but it is more common in women who have reached the advanced phase. Extreme bleeding decreases the amount of red blood cells and oxygen level in the body, hence, causing extreme fatigue.


As mentioned, symptoms of cervical cancer in young women can be hard to spot, so a young woman who is sexually active or an extreme smoker should have regular checks-up or Pap smear to help diagnose cervical cancer at the earliest time possible. One good thing about this illness is that cervical cancer is totally preventable. Vaccinations are available for all young women to help avert the onset of this disease.

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