Symptoms of ADHD in Children


The early detection of the symptoms of ADHD in children would greatly help in easier management and treatment of the condition in the future. ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is currently suffered by millions of children. If this condition is not given attention right away, this would then persist through adulthood and would ruin the child’s chance of living a more normal and happier life. Each parent must recognize the different symptoms of ADHD in children in order to determine when to seek help from the medical experts in case one of their children shows signs and symptoms of ADHD.


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Symptoms of ADHD in Children


The different symptoms of ADHD in children are categorized into three:


Hyperactivity– The child is observed to be hyperactive, fidgety and restless all the time. In a school setting, the child is also observed to transfer from one seat to the other despite the teacher’s reprimand to stay in one’s own seat. Also, at playtime, the child would become too active and causing disturbance, hence, would usually result to rejection from a group.


Impulsiveness – The child with ADHD is also observed to become overly involved in every activity. The child also has the tendency to cut a conversation impolitely to supply one’s own opinion. The child is not interested in anyone’s story but his/her own.


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Inattention – The child with ADHD has a difficulty in focusing on one thing at a time. He/she has a very short attention span and is easily distracted when something fascinating would catch his/her eye. Usually, when someone talks to a child with ADHD, the child would seem to listen at first and would visibly drift off later on. This would result to poor absorption of information and would affect the child’s ability to follow simple instructions.


If these characteristics or behaviors are present in your child, it is essential to keep an eye on him or her, and note that medical advice should be sought from the doctors once the symptoms have gone on for at least six months.


Treatment of ADHD in Children


If the symptoms of ADHD in children have been present for at least six months, the child should be taken to the experts for further assessment. If the child is indeed diagnosed with ADHD, the doctor would usually prescribe medications to help the child maintain concentration and focus. Examples of these drugs include methylphenidate and amphetamine. Along with the medication, the child’s parents and loved ones play an important role in the treatment of the child’s condition because constant encouragement, understanding and patience is needed. The people that surround the child should always try to make him/her feel that he/she is important and accepted.


Parents should be aware of the symptoms of ADHD in children so that the appropriate treatment option can be explored early on. Otherwise, ADHD can have a big negative impact on the child’s life both now and even up to adulthood. However, the parent should also be very careful in making assumptions. It should be remembered that many of the symptoms of ADHD are found in children not afflicted by the disorder. It is still best to consult a doctor to make the diagnosis.

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