Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period


The most obvious sign of pregnancy is a missed period, but for women who are trying to conceive, they’ll probably look for earlier signs of pregnancy before missed period. But it should be remembered that many of these signs are not specific to or conclusive of pregnancy. They could also indicate other conditions. Nothing can be one hundred percent confirmed until blood or urine pregnancy test confirms positive.


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Early Signs of Pregnancy


Signs of pregnancy before missed period may differ from one woman to another, and not all women can experience these signs. The indicators can be clear in some women, while others may not see any of the early signs of pregnancy at all.


Implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding may not be true for all women but it can happen. This usually occurs 3 to 6 days after fertilization. This bleeding comes out in a form of vaginal discharge that contains brown or pinkish blood spots. Implantation bleeding is pretty normal unless accompanied by backache, cramping, and increased bleeding. In which case, you need to see a doctor right away.



Cramping is a common sign in most women. These cramps feel like you’re about to have your menstrual period; and most of the time, many women probably think it’s just menstrual cramps. The cramping is due to the uterus growing. The pain is felt around the uterus area, and sometimes you’ll feel that the uterus is getting heavy or full. This is a healthy sign of pregnancy but when the pain felt increases or is at one side only then you must seek medical help right away. It could be an ectopic pregnancy or even cyst.


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Temperature drop

Monitoring their basal body temperature can be hard for those who are not planning to conceive, but for those who do, they could make a chart of their temperature everyday. When the basal body temperature drops to its normal level, it means that implantation is successful and that pregnancy is achieved.


Frequent urination

When pregnant, the size of the uterus will begin to increase thus exerting pressure to the bladder. This causes the pregnant woman to urinate more often. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy that probably most women may notice. But still nothing can be confirmed a pregnancy test is done.


Hot flashes

Hot flashes pertain to the warm feeling on the face and neck which causes the face to look flushed. It may be accompanied by sweating, headache, dizziness, and heart palpitation. Most expecting women complain about experiencing hot flashes a week before their expected menstrual period. These can be true since hot flashes are caused by the fluctuating hormonal levels. These flashes may continue as the pregnancy progresses.



This type of fatigue causes the woman to sleep easily anywhere, at any time. The pregnant woman can expect to experience this until the end of trimester.


Most of these signs can be mistaken as part of the normal course of everyday life and most women won’t even realize they are experiencing signs of pregnancy before missed period. Before they realize it, they are already at least 4 weeks pregnant. But before jumping to conclusions, it is better to confirm things with a pregnancy test.

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