Signs of Emotional Abuse


Knowing the signs of emotional abuse is crucial as it is the most dangerous kind of abuse above all other forms. It can happen to anyone of any gender. Most people probably think that emotional abuse only happens to women, but it can happen to men too. Most of the time, the victim is not aware of the different signs of emotional abuse which can lead to depression, social isolation, and low self-esteem. These will in turn provoke them to turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort. The wounds caused by abusive words would not heal over time, but would get worse as the abuse progresses.


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Emotional abuse mostly occurs within an adult relationship, but it can happen to children to. Often, emotional abuse may lead to physical abuse. Emotional abuse in children leaves a deep impact on their social, cognitive, and psychological behavior which leaves a long-lasting mark. Most abuse victims become abuser themselves as their way of coping with their problems and feelings.

Signs and Symptoms of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship


• Use of many, different negative names. Any negative names are unacceptable. This is most likely the very obvious sign of emotional abuse. The abuser uses these names to beat down the other person.


• Being very careful in everything said and done. The one abused is worried in making the abuser angry; he/she wants to prevent any bad reactions from the abuser.


• The abuser doesn’t want to let anyone else know what’s happening within the relationship.


• Sexual abuse. The abused is made to think and feel like a sex object. The abuser forces the partner to have sex or makes him/her feel guilty if it isn’t given.


• The abuser doesn’t trust the abused and checks up on him/her almost all the time at home, in school, or at work.


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• The abuser does not listen or and value the opinion of the partner. He/she doesn’t consider the other person during decision making.


• The abuser keeps sending messages when the phone is not answered and hangs up even while still in the middle of a conversation with the other person.


• Even when speaking to friends in the phone, the abuser tells the abused to hang up.


• The abuser blames the abused for almost everything.


• The abuser controls the other person by telling him/her what to do.


• Depression. The anger towards the abuser or to oneself will often develop into depression.


• Low self-esteem. This results because the abusive words get to the psyche of the abused and he/she begins to believe that these words are true.


• Drug or alcohol abuse


• The abuser restricts money allowances and controls the finances.


• Threats are employed by the abuser to keep the other from leaving the relationship.


• Suicidal attempts are possible on the side of the abused.




How to heal, recover from emotional Abuse

To start the healing process, one should first know the signs of emotional abuse and acknowledge that it is happening. Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard for most victims. They get entangled with the idea that their life is dependent on their partners. The only way out is to be honest with oneself and confront the problem. Standing up for oneself is not bad and nothing to be ashamed of. There are many other victims out there who go through same situation. Talking to friends or family and getting help should be done before it’s too late.

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