Signs of Depression in Teenage Girls


It is really crucial to keep an eye out for signs of depression in teenage girls that you know, especially with the rampant problems and suicides faced by adolescent girls these days.


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Teenage years can be considered as some of the most important parts of a person’s life because it is the time wherein the young adults go through a lot of changes holistically. The adolescent life is complicated because of the many changes teenagers have to undergo. Some adolescents can adapt immediately to the changes while others have a hard time adjusting. Teenage depression can be a result of the difficulties an adolescent experiences. There are more cases of teenage depression reported in girls compared to boys probably because of the expectations of society wherein girls should express their feelings while boys should keep them hidden. The signs of depression in teenage girls need immediate attention for depression may lead to worsened conditions such as psychological disorders.


Signs of Depression in Adolescent Girls


• Loss of interest and energy in daily activities

• Anger and irritability

• Frequent absences and poor performance in school

• Changes in appetite ( the girl may eat too much or too little)

• Low self confidence and poor self esteem

• Physical illnesses such as headaches and stomachaches

• Pessimistic and hopeless

• Personal hygiene is neglected

• Illegal drugs and/or alcohol abuse

• Suicidal ideation (one of the leading causes of death among teenagers)


If a parent can see or feel any of these signs of depression in their teenage girl for more than two weeks then he or she should seek professional help immediately. At this point, teenage girls have a higher possibility of responding to treatment and bring back the normal state of the psyche.

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Causes of signs of depression in teenage girls


Traumatic experience

This pertains to trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse of a family member, peers or other persons. Some teenage girls have ineffective coping mechanisms thus resulting to depression.


Family history of depression

About 30% to 50% of cases of teenage depression have another family member suffering from depression. If depression runs in the family, teenagers are susceptible to this disease as well.


Social Rejection

Rejection from the family and friends contributes to the depression of a teenage girl. Acceptance in the society is significant to the life of an adolescent.


Social Uneasiness

Girls who have a hard time dealing with other people and those who have fear of rejection are at higher risk to suffer from depression.


Substance Abuse

Drug or alcohol abuse causes teenage girls to have a tough time in dealing socially. Teenage girls abusing drugs are more susceptible to have depression as well.


What are the treatments for the signs of depression in teenage girls?

Psychotherapy can be the best option for teenage depression. The professional, competent therapist would give support and listen to the teenage girl sincerely. The therapist would teach her the appropriate coping mechanisms and skills to conquer depression.


If psychotherapy is not effective in treating the signs of depression in teenage girls then the physician would give antidepressants as the last resort for treatment. This is considered only when all other efforts have failed because some antidepressants can increase the chances of suicide among teenage girls.

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