Signs of an Abusive Relationship


Everybody must be aware of the signs of an abusive relationship so one can get out of it early on before one becomes a willing victim.


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Relationship abuses are patterns of abusive behaviors that are used to obtain control over an intimate partner. This abuse can be in the form of emotional, sensual or physical, financial, and psychological abuse. An abusive relationship usually takes part in a larger pattern and almost all victims find it hard to get out of the relationship. It is not because they don’t want to, but they got themselves too deep into the abuse that they feel fear and danger in leaving. It is hard identify an abusive partner so it is best to recognize the early warning signs of an abusive relationship.


Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship


Jealousy – It’s pretty normal for a partner to get jealous once in a while; but when jealousy becomes more constant, results to being excessively possessive, calls or visits you more often in school, work or anywhere you go, and restricts you from going out even with friends is obviously not healthy. It’s time to step back and see the signs of an abusive relationship and get out as soon as possible.


Controlling – The first sign of a controlling partner is pushing you to get into a serious commitment immediately. Then follows deciding on the way you dress or who you go out and meet with. In marriage, he/she keeps the money.


Isolates you from family and friends – Your partner want you to stay at home all the time and isolate you from your family and friends.


Unrealistic expectations – The abusive partner expects you to become perfect and able to meet all his/her demands and expectations.

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Blames other people for his/her problems and mistakes – An abusive person never sees his/her faults. He will always find reasons to defend his actions.


Alcohol or drug abuse – Though not all abusers are into drugs or alcohol, but most of them are. This sign can be pretty scary for you’ll never know what he/she can do the next time.


Verbally abusive – If your partner constantly calls you names, say hurtful words, curse you and afterwards take it back as a joke, then this is definitely not something to smile about. This constant bombardment of hurtful words makes you question yourself and think that those words might be true. Verbal abuse is much worse than physical. It leaves deep scars in the mind.


Physically abusive – Most abusive relationships have great chances of getting physical. It would first start off with pushing or grabbing, and then later grow worse. You can detect physical abusers by the way they deal with their temper. First they might punch holes onto walls; the next target could be you.


Violent threats – If your partner goes as far as threaten to kill you, break your leg, or the like, then it’s the time to get help. Leave the relationship before things get out of hand.


Most abusers would never admit to themselves the wrongs they’ve done. Waiting for them to change might take forever so when signs of an abusive relationship become evident, either discuss it with your partner or get out of the relationship immediately. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy relationship.

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