Sharp Pain in Stomach-Causes and Treatment



Sharp pain in stomach is understood to be a common physical condition found in people. It can be caused due to several reasons. Such sharp pain can be experienced at different region of the stomach itself, such as lower right stomach, lower left abdomen, upper- right or upper- left stomach etc. In order to determine the cause of the condition it is essential to determine the region of affliction where the pain is actually experienced. As mentioned above there are variety of factors that causes the condition, here are some of the possible causes of sharp pain in stomach.

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Sharp pain in stomach after eating

Dyspepsia also known as indigestion is one of the factors that causes pain in the abdomen. It is usually caused due to overeating. It is crucial to have a strategized diet plan or plan your each meal appropriately which may help in preventing Dyspepsia. One may also suffer from such condition if stomach ulcer is prevalent. Sharp pain in the abdomen may also result out of gastric ulcer which may aggravate after heavy meal. There are several reasons that causes ulcer which are related to unhealthy lifestyle habits; hence, it becomes necessary to follow healthy lifestyle sty habits such as appropriate, diet, exercises and avoid habits such as smoking, alcoholism etc.

In case there is sharp pain in the stomach due to food poisoning then one may also experience vomiting and queasiness, which will gradually result in dehydration. Hence in such a condition it is good to retain hydration of the body by drinking considerable amount of water and avoid eating unhealthy food stuffs. In some cases wherein stomach ache as well as bloating is experienced, the underlying condition is believed to be constipation. Constipation can be treated through medical prescription by certified doctor or effective home remedies for constipation can also be helpful.


Sharp pain in stomach during pregnancy

Sharp pain in the stomach can be experienced during pregnancy by most women. During early pregnancy stomach pain may be caused due to ectopic pregnancy. It should be known that ectopic pregnancy can also be life threatening if it is not treated on time. Hence, immediate treatment is essential if a women experiences abdominal pain during early pregnancy period.


Preeclampsia is another physical condition that leads to changes in the blood vessels and causes spasms. Sharp pain in stomach is one of the symptoms of preeclampsia which is experienced in a progressed stage of the condition. Miscarriage is another common factor which results in sharp stomach pain. Similarly contraction prior to thirty seven weeks of pregnancy may also lead to intense pain in abdomen. This condition is also scientifically referred to as preterm labor.


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Placental abruption as well as UTI or Urinary Tact Infections are other conditions that cause symptoms such as sharp pain in the stomach. In case any of these disorders are experienced it is essential to seek immediate medical attention and diagnosis to find the root cause of the disease and treat it efficiently.


Sharp pain in stomach left side

Sharp pain in the stomach on the left region may be caused due to malfunction or issues related to digestive system, left side kidney, left- side ovaries (in female) etc. Diseases or disorders related to large intestine such as diverticulitis is also a possible cause of intense pain in stomach. This condition is usually found in elder individuals. Under the condition you may also experience signs such as tenderness and bloating of the stomach.


Kidney stone is another physical abnormality which can be a reason for intense pain in the abdomen. It is usually experienced on the left of the stomach as these kidney stones passes through left kidney. Here are some other conditions which may cause pain in the stomach:


• Viral hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of liver caused by infection

• Pelvic inflammatory disease abbreviated as PID

• Crohn’s disease is also known as Regional enteritis

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome abbreviated as IBS also referred to as spastic colon


Other causes of sharp pain in the stomach of left region may be ectopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts (in case of females) and spermatic cord or testes malfunction (in case of men).


Sharp pain in stomach right side

Sometimes, stomach pain may be a symptom of appendicitis which is an inflammatory condition of appendix. Pancreatitis is also a considerable factor that may lead to sharp pain in stomach. Stomach pain in the upper abdomen region may also spread to sides and back. If a person experiences pain in the upper right region of the abdomen, then it may be due to gallstones or other gallbladder diseases. The pain caused due to kidney stone can be intolerably intense and sharp. Hence, it is essential to seek immediate medical treatment to cure the physical issues effectively. There are certain medical treatments as well as home remedies for sharp pain in stomach.


Sharp pain in stomach treatment

It is best to consult a certified doctor in order to treat stomach pain efficiently. But for those who prefer the other way round, here are some home remedies and self care tips that ‘may’ help in treating stomach pain. Remember that these techniques should be adopted when there are no additional symptoms such as bleeding, vomiting, fever, pain in chest or other serious signs. In case there are severe symptoms better consult a doctor.


One of the most common and conventional techniques of treating abdominal pain is heat- pad or swab soaked in warm water. Gently place these swabs on the affected region to obtain complete relief or some improved from the pain. If the stomach pain is due to digestive issues then you may take ‘Ajwain’ also known as Trachyspermum copticum or carom seeds. Remember that only half tea spoon should be consumed half an hour before bedtime. Partially chew the seeds and gulp with water.


If the condition is severe and seems to be a sign of other serious underlying issues, then consulting a doctor is essential. Remember that sharp pain in stomach should not be taken lightly.


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