Muscle Twitching in Arm


Muscle twitching in arm refers to the recurring involuntary spasm, movement or contraction of the muscle in the arm region. It is also commonly termed as fasciculation. This condition does not cause pain; however, it could be distracting and even alarming for some people.

Muscle twitching in the arm is often a result of exhaustion of the arm muscles due to exertion. The involuntary spasms occur more when the person is tired from doing strenuous activity using the arms or if he or she is under a lot of pressure thus putting tension on the muscles. The cause of muscle twitching in arm may be a from muscle tension, but if the twitching persists and becomes worse, it is important to consult the doctor for it might be caused by a much more serious disease.

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Causes of Muscle Twitching in Arm 

Most people are not really alarmed with the occasional twitching of the arm muscles as this is just mainly caused by muscle fatigue. To better understand the principle as to why the muscles tremble occasionally; here are the common causes and the reasons why each could lead to muscle twitching in arm:

  • Muscle injury – In the event of an injury to the arm, the muscles are most likely affected, because as a reflex reaction, the muscles would involuntarily contract in response to the pain. This would result to the muscles getting worn out and would likely cause the muscles on the site of the injury to go into spasms.
  • Overuse of muscle – The muscles in the arms would easily get fatigued when a person does strenuous activities using the hands and does not give the arms sufficient time to rest from time to time. Some examples of activities that may cause muscle twitching in arm would include heavy exercise such as bench press and push-ups, and lifting of heavy objects.
  • Stress and anxiety – If a person is anxious or stressed, this would build up tension in the muscles of different areas of the body including the arms. If a person is suffering from too much stress, the muscles would involuntarily contract due to the tension and may cause muscle twitching in the arms.
  • Caffeinated drinks – Caffeine acts as a stimulant for the nerves that could help a person stay alert. This fact is very beneficial to many, however, if a person takes in coffee, caffeinated beverages or alcoholic drinks in excess, this could lead to some other side effects like palpitations and muscle twitching in certain areas including the arms.
  • Nutritional deficiency – The muscle needs nutrients like magnesium, calcium and vitamin b complex. If a person lacks these essential nutrients, muscle twitching in arm could result.

Muscle twitching in arm can also be due to more serious underlying health problems. If the twitching is more persistent than it used to be, it is best to see a physician for proper consultation and diagnosis. Below are some serious diseases that could possibly cause muscle twitching in arm:

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  • Tetanus – This is a serious bacterial infection that could cause one’s muscles to contract and stiffen if not treated immediately. It is often caused by animal bites, open wounds or cuts from a rusty iron and soil contamination.
  • Peripheral neuropathy – Untreated diabetes could worsen and develop into peripheral neuropathy. This causes the nerves to be damaged resulting to tingling sensation in the arms and legs as well as muscle twitching.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Multiple sclerosis is a condition wherein the person’s own immune system destroys the nerves that are supposed to bring signals to the brain. Because of this, the brain cannot properly control the movement of the muscles in the arm and would result to muscle twitching.

Treatment of Muscle Twitching in Arm 

The first step to treat muscle twitching in arm is to find out the real cause of the trembling sensation. For twitching caused by the overuse of arm muscles, the arms should be stretched and then rested right after. The twitching would usually cease on its own. If it is caused by stress and anxiety, proper and sufficient rest is the best remedy.

Other suggested methods are yoga and meditation to relieve the stress. If muscle twitching in arm is caused by nutritional deficiency, supplementation of the deficient nutrients with oral vitamins is the way to go. Also, it is best to limit caffeine intake as this would cause muscle twitching in arm. If the cause of muscle twitching in the arm is brought about by a grave disease, seek medical attention immediately. The doctor would find the best treatment option to treat the primary illness that causes the twitching.

Muscle twitching in arm may be harmless but it could also serve as a warning that maybe you’ve been working too much, or you lack vitamins, or even that you’ve been worrying too much. When muscle twitching in the arm happens, do not ignore it. Take the necessary actions to address it before it gets worse.

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