Meningitis Symptoms in Children


Meningitis symptoms in children may be dissimilar to those experienced by adults. In some cases these symptoms in children may also be nondescript. Before understanding the symptoms of meningitis it is beneficial to know what meningitis is. Meningitis is an inflammatory condition of the membranes enveloping the brain as well as the spinal cord. Meningitis is also a fatal physical condition which may aggravate rapidly and exacerbate to neurological issues, chronic or permanent brain damage or may also lead to death. It is essential to consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed in order to find the cause as well as treat the condition efficaciously before it turns into a chronic health disease or disorder.


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The inflammation experienced during the prevalence of meningitis is usually due to bacterial infection or even viral infection. However, such inflammation may also result out of rare physical condition such as reaction of drugs, cancer of other immune system related disease etc. As mentioned above, sometimes it may become difficult to indentify symptoms of meningitis in children due to their low intensity or nondescript nature. Such symptoms may be lethargy, reduced mental abilities etc. Though greatest risk of developing meningitis is right after the birth some children may also get affected when they are 3 to 8 months old. However, meningitis may affect children of any age, but it is common in children within the age group of 1 day to 2 months.

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There are various symptoms of meningitis in children. The symptoms of meningitis may vary drastically depending on the age as well as other physical traits of the child. In sever cases wherein the child may look fine and healthy, he/ she may rapidly develop meningitis within one day. Such cases are more critical as it may also potential lead to death. Hence, one should consistently check for symptoms of the condition.

Meningitis symptoms in children younger than three months:

• Vomiting

• Queasiness

• Reduced intake of fluid

• Irritability

• Weariness

• Fatigue

• Fever or increased body temperature

There are some other common symptoms in case of children older than 1 year: these symptoms are:

• Queasiness

• Vomiting

• Pain in the head

• Light sensitivity

• Increased body temperature or fever

• Psychological hindrance such as confusion etc

• Weakness

• Fatigue

• Seizures attack

• Pain in the neck

• Stiffness for neck

Meningitis is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. If your child is suffering from symptoms of meningitis then it is crucial that you consult a doctor. There are several self care techniques for curing the issues, but still it is better to consult your doctor immediately.

First of all if the condition is severe and rapidly progressing then call emergency medical care. One should try and ensure the comfort of the child where. There are medicines containing acetaminophen as well as other pain relief medicines. Based on the actual cause of the condition your doctor may decide appropriate treatment. You may have to bring your child to the doctor one or more times.

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