Ménétrier disease Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment


Ménétrier disease symptoms, pictures and treatment will help you understand the gravity of this disease.

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Symptoms of Menetrier disease
1. Intense pain in the top central part of the abdomen
2. Face swelling and bloating of the limbs, feet and abdomen
3. Appetite loss
4. Low Blood Protein
5. Diarrhea
6. Anemia
7. Frequent vomiting

Treatment for Ménétrier disease
Ménétrier disease can be treated with medications that treat pain and nausea. One is prescribed high protein diet to remove the protein lost from enlarged rugae. In case the disease is severe, some parts or all of the stomach may have to be removed. There is an anti-cancer drug called Cetuximab that stops the TGF-a action and is being looked upon as a good reliable treatment option for Ménétrier disease.

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Ménétrier disease leads the rugae, the ridges formed in the inside of the stomach wall to enlarge and form giant folds in the stomach lining. It is a rare disease and is known to be more common in the case of men between the ages of 30 and 60. The disease is diagnosed with endoscopy, x-rays and stomach tissue biopsy.

Ménétrier disease pictures

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