Lowering Cholesterol Naturally


There are plenty of people seeking ways of lowering cholesterol naturally. Though medications can help a lot, but excessive amounts of medicines could do harm the body; sometimes even more so than they can do good for one’s health. Cholesterol is a natural part of the body. What is essential is to keep the cholesterol levels within the normal range. If the normal range for the amount of cholesterol in the system is exceeded, this would pose a great risk to the health as this contributes to the development of heart diseases.

High cholesterol would damage the lining of the blood capillaries and arteries, making it thicker. When this occurs, the smooth flow of blood would then be hampered, resulting to an abnormal blood flow. In severe cases, the walls of the blood vessels would get too thick and the blood would get clogged up and may even form an embolus.

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Tips on Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Managing cholesterol naturally has plenty of benefits. First, the materials and ingredients used for managing the cholesterol level are all natural and do not pose any harm. Second, natural remedies are often cheaper than the usual drugs employed to treat high cholesterol. And lastly, natural treatment methods are generally easier to do.

The following are some useful tips on lowering cholesterol naturally.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

 One of the most recommended tips on lowering cholesterol naturally is to eat the right food and to avoid the bad ones.  Here are some examples of food that could greatly help in lowering cholesterol the natural way.


  • Natural fiber – Natural fibers, specifically the soluble fibers, are known to stick to cholesterol so that it is excreted out of the body. This way, the buildup of cholesterol in the system is prevented. Examples of foods rich in soluble fibers include apples, prunes, legumes, oats and barley.


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid – Fish is the best source for omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 is known to decrease the risk of any heart diseases and naturally lowers cholesterol levels. It is recommended that you eat fish at least twice a week. Soy is also rich in omega 3 fatty acid.


  • Herbal supplements – Plants with stanols and sterols are known to naturally have cholesterol constituent. Given this, stanol and sterols help prevent the excess cholesterol to stick onto the walls of the intestines and absorbed into the body. It will be excreted out of the system, instead. Some plants with stanols and sterols are nuts, oranges and legumes. Sterols are also found in margarine so it is recommended that you use margarine in place of butter.


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Another herbal supplement that could help lower down cholesterol level naturally is the artichoke leaf. Artichoke leaves contain cynarin which aid in hastening the excretion of bile and cholesterol out of the body.


  • Red wine – Red wine, when consumed at moderate levels, has a good effect for the heart. At the same time, it has shown to improve cholesterol levels as well.


  • Tea – It has already been proven that black tea has the ability to decrease cholesterol levels in less than a month of constant drinking.


  • Fruits and Vegetables – Avocados contain monounsaturated fat that would help increase good cholesterol and decrease the amount of bad cholesterol. However, it is recommended that you eat avocado in moderation because it is also high in fat and calories. In the mean time, spinach helps remove cholesterol from the arteries in order to prevent clogging.


Stay physically fit


Lowering cholesterol naturally likewise involves staying fit in mind and body; below are some tips:


  • Stick to a regular exercise in the mornings. A walk around the neighborhood will do wonders in the circulation of the blood. It decreases the risk increasing the bad cholesterol and maintains the good cholesterol inside the body.


  • Maintain the right and recommended weight for you. If you don’t know your ideal weight, ask your local nutritionist about it. Eat the right food, minimize sugar intake and always try to mind your weight. Excess weight could build up cholesterol inside the walls of your blood vessels that could be absorbed into the bloodstream.


  • Avoid cigarette or tobacco smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, and caffeine. These factors are shown to elevate the levels of bad cholesterol inside the body.


  • Avoid being stressed out. Too much stress is a contributing factor for heart disease. If you already have high cholesterol and you are stressed out about something at the same time, tendency is you’ll develop a heart disease.

These are some helpful tips on lowering cholesterol naturally. Discipline and determination is also the key in order to achieve and maintain normal cholesterol levels. There are plenty of ways on lowering cholesterol the natural way, you just have to choose the best tips that you can surely comply with on a regular basis.

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