Low Iron Symptoms in Women


Low iron symptoms in women generally include weakness. Low iron levels are quite common in females because of blood loss during the menstrual periods, insufficient iron intake, and amplified need for iron during pregnancy. Iron is an important element in producing healthy red blood cells inside the body. If the iron level falls below normal, low iron symptoms in women such as paleness and dizziness would happen and could even result to iron deficiency anemia.

Causes of Low Iron in Women

These are the common causes why low iron levels occur in women:

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Heavy menstruation – Women experience blood loss every month due to menstruation which could last for as long as a week. Some women go through heavy menstruation in more than 2 days of their cycle. When this happens, this could cause low iron levels in the body.

Pregnancy – When a woman becomes pregnant, her blood supply would not just need to support her body but her baby’s as well. Therefore, there is an increased need for iron in the blood to properly facilitate the transport of oxygen to the different parts of the body, including the baby’s. The normal supply of iron is typically not enough, so doctors often prescribe iron supplements to meet the pregnant mother’s needs.

Anemia – Anemia is a condition wherein the level of red blood cells is below normal. This is a serious case because the body needs sufficient blood supply in order to function properly. Remember, blood is the carrier of oxygen to different parts of the body such as the brain, the lungs and the tissues.

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Low Iron Symptoms in Women

Below are the symptoms of low iron levels in women:

• Fatigued and tired at all times

• Languid and lethargic

• Weak

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

• Lightheadedness is also experienced occasionally

• Palpitations of the heart can also be felt

• The individual is also observed to be unusually pale, and sometimes even yellowish.


For severe cases of iron deficiency or anemia, here are the symptoms:


• Pain in the chest that could lead to angina or even heart attack

• Constant dizziness that the individual may feel the need to just lie down all the time

• Episodes of sudden fainting

• Rapid heart rate

Treatment of Low Iron Levels in Women

For mild cases of low iron levels caused by heavy menstruation and pregnancy, the doctor would usually prescribe oral iron supplements such as iberet, iberet folic and ferrous sulfate. Along with these medications, the health professional would also advise plenty of rest and light exercises such as walking. For severe cases of iron deficiency such as anemia, oral iron supplements would also be prescribed along with constant monitoring of the iron and the red blood cell quantities in the blood. If the case is already really grave, then blood transfusion may be required.

Low iron symptoms in women should not be taken for granted even if they are mild. It is best to seek medical advice once these symptoms are experienced so that worsening of the condition could be prevented.

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