Itchy Toes – Causes, Treatment, Relief


 Itchy toes is a condition contained only in the toes of a person. The person cannot bear but scratch the tickling sensation in his or her toes. This problem signifies that there is an underlying condition causing the itchy sensation and that root cause needs to be treated. Sometimes, itchy toes presents itself with other symptoms of the underlying problem or disease. It is better to have the condition checked by the physician so that the proper treatment for the itchy toes as well as the underlying cause can be administered.

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 Itchy Toes Causes

 There are several causes for the itchy toes, and sometimes there may be more than one condition causing the itchy sensation.

  • Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is on the top list of suspected causes of itchy toes. Athlete’s foot is so named because this usually occurs with athletes.  This comes about because athletes usually wear thick socks and closed shoes to play their games. Since the moisture contained inside the shoes cannot come out, this provides an environment conducive to the growth of microorganisms such as fungi.  Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection resulting to the itchy toes felt by the person.

  • Allergies

Sometimes, allergies to certain foods or substances can trigger itchy toes. The inflammatory response of the body against the allergen may be manifested by having an itchy sensation on the feet or toes. Some cases of allergies heal faster, while others take a long while. Some even result to anaphylactic shock depending on the allergen and the immune response of the individual to that allergen.

  • Chilblains

This is a specific type of allergy to cold. If the person is living in warm climate, then he or she suddenly moves to another region where there is abnormally low temperatures, he or she may experience an allergic reaction called the chilblains. Chilblains cause dryness of the skin leading to itchy toes. The person must adapt to the changing climate appropriately to prevent chilblains.

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  • Using rubbing alcohol on the toes

Rubbing alcohol has a cooling effect but it can cause irritation to some people. It would result to skin breakdown especially in the toes which can result to the itchy feeling. Rubbing alcohol can also cause dryness of the skin if used regularly. It is believed that dryness of the skin on the toes and surrounding areas can lead to itchy toes as well.

 Itchy Toes Treatment 

Having itchy toes can interfere with the activities that the person has to do. The person may not be able to concentrate on the task at hand, leading to inefficiency in his or her work. The best thing to do is to take steps to manage the itchy toes before it impedes in the person’s day-to-day activities.

  • Personal hygiene should be observed properly. A person who always takes a bath and cleans his or her self after exposure to dirt will have a healthier body. Sometimes, the toes are neglected when cleaning the body. It can be the start of the itchy toes because the unwanted microorganisms that come to the area are not removed and so they will thrive and invade the affected region. Therefore, meticulous cleaning should be done to avoid itchy toes.
  • Keeping the feet, specifically the areas in between the toes, dry is recommended because most microorganisms flourish in wet places. Wipe these areas gently with a cloth to avoid cuts.
  • Some people do not change their socks when wet, or worse, they use their soiled socks the day after. The person should take some time to wash and dry his or her sock properly if he or she is planning to use it the next day, since the used socks are dirty and need to be cleaned to eliminate harmful microorganisms that can infect the skin on the feet. If the person extremely sweats on the toes, it would be wise for him or her to bring extra socks to prevent the possibility of having itchy toes.
  • The application of anti-fungal creams, especially if the person has athlete’s foot, can help a lot. It would fight the fungus that causes the infection.
  • If the itching cannot be tolerated, antihistamine drugs can be taken to relieve the discomfort.  But if the person does not want to take medications, he or she can use ice packs to reduce the itch.
  • If the person is able to use open type of foot wear like slippers, then it is better to use them than closed shoes. There would be lesser chances of having itchy toes if the person is wearing an open type of foot wear.
  • Allergies to particular substances or foods should be avoided to prevent itchy toes.

Preventing the occurrence of itchy toes is way better and easier than treating it. Having a healthy lifestyle, practicing good personal hygiene and eating the right kinds of food can help you say goodbye to itchy toes.

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