Is it Normal to have Cramps during Pregnancy?


Is it normal to have cramps during pregnancy? This is one of the most common questions every pregnant woman asks her doctor. It is normal to feel cramping during pregnancy. However, one must take note of its severity level. If it comes to a point that the cramping is more painful than you can manage, it is best to seek medical attention. If the cramping is only mild to moderate, there are lots techniques to alleviate the pain. The cramping sensation you feel during pregnancy is due to the fact that your uterus is growing in size. Your abdomen stretches and due to its increasing size, you will naturally feel cramps.

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Causes of Cramps during Pregnancy

• Implantation – Implantation occurs 8-10 days after ovulation of the female. At this point, the fertilized embryo tries to attach itself to the uterine wall of the mother, thus, cramping in early stages of pregnancy occurs. Is it normal to have cramps during pregnancy? That is obviously positive and nothing to be worried about.

• Uterus Stretching – Typically, as the fetus grows, your uterus stretches to make room for the baby. This results to a mild to moderate feeling of pain due to cramping. This is good news and is a determinant that your baby is healthy and that your pregnancy is perfectly smooth sailing and normal.

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• Possible Miscarriage – If the type of cramping you experience is severe, and if there is bleeding or even a hint of blood or spotting that accompanies the pain, immediately seek medical help. These are signs and symptoms of a possible miscarriage. To confirm the condition and to address the matter properly and promptly, you must see a doctor right away.

• Ectopic Pregnancy – Ectopic pregnancy is when the egg or the zygote attaches itself outside the uterus wall. This is the type of pregnancy wherein the fetus cannot survive. At the same time, ectopic pregnancy also poses a great risk to your health. One will experience severe cramping specifically on one side of the abdomen. It is best to seek emergency medical attention right away.

• Others – Most commonly though, cramping in pregnancy is due to small factors like gastric pains, and lack of nutrients needed to support yourself and your baby.


Helpful Tips on how to Relieve Cramping during Pregnancy

• Hot Compress – application of heat on the stomach or abdomen where cramping is felt can ease the pain. Just make sure that it is not too hot so as not to scald your skin.

• Pain Medications – Acetaminophen is acceptable to relieve cramping pains. However, keep in mind that NSAIDs and Ibuprofen can be harmful to your baby. Consult your doctor before taking in any drugs to make sure that your pregnancy will not be affected.

• Eat right – Eating the right food that can supplement both yourself and your baby will help to greatly prevent cramping. If you experience constipation, drink plenty of water or healthy fruit juices and eat lots of food rich in fiber.

Is it normal to have cramps during pregnancy? If it is mild to moderate, welcome it with pride because these are signs that you are having a normal and healthy pregnancy. If the pain is severe, calm down and consult your doctor about it.


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