Hole in Face


Hole in face is an unpleasant token of a recently concluded facial skin problem. Holes not only make the skin less perfect but they also have a negative effect on the social life and self-esteem of the individual. While some are barely noticeable, others are very apparent that they can be quite disturbing. People who have blackheads, pimples and the subsequent scars may suffer low-esteem due to these blemishes on their skin.

Treatment for hole in face helps sufferers by improving the texture and appearance of facial holes, making them less noticeable. They may not completely disappear but treatment greatly helps in reducing the size and making the skin appear smoother.

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What does a hole in face mean ?

A hole in the face refers to a scar on the face which was left on the skin after bouts of pimple, acne or blackhead breakouts. It may also refer to a hole that emerges after getting chicken pox. They may come in different forms and shapes and most of them last for a lifetime.

Hole in Face Causes

Hole in face appears when multiple tissues of skin get damaged. The tissue damage is caused by the bacteria which form underneath the clogged pores. The bacteria mixed with the oil excreted by the sebaceous gland results in skin irritation. As the skin irritation intensifies, debris will accumulate in the hair follicles which will eventually become plugged. And while the debris goes deeper into the dermis, the body reacts in the form of inflammation resulting to wound or injury on the skin surface. Once it heals, it leaves a hole or scar.

When does hole occur on the face?

There are plenty of things that can contribute to the emergence of hole in face. Hole in the face normally occurs when:

  • The skin is inflicted by some form of skin problem such as boils, cysts, nodules and acne. These conditions form deeply underneath the skin and will most likely leave behind holes after healing.
  • The skin suffers from severe acne or massive number of pimples, especially when they emerge on the same location over and over again.
  • A person scrubs his or her acne which results to irritation, making it worse.
  • An individual extracts his or her blackhead which puts a great deal of pressure on the pores, causing immediate damage to the skin.
  • Pimples and acne are pricked while they are still in their active stage. This only makes pimples and acne prone to infection.
  • Severe acne goes untreated which only worsens an acne outbreak.

Teenagers are commonly affected by hole in face. This is because they are in the stage where a lot of changes are happening in their bodies, including hormonal imbalances which result to excessive production of natural oils that are conducive for acne or pimple breakouts. Adults may also develop hole in the face but this is often the result of a bad history of acne or pimple breakouts during their adolescent years.

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What does it look like?

Hole in face manifests in several forms, and these are:

  • Ice pick hole

This hole features deep pits on the surface of the skin often following an acne or pimple breakout.

  • Box car hole

This hole appears like wide boxes on the skin surface similar to the scars caused by chickenpox. Box car hole normally occurs on the temples and cheeks.

  • Rolling hole

This hole in the face appears in wave-like pattern, often after bouts of severe acne.

  • Hypertrophic hole

They are intensely red and very thick that occur after episodes of severe pimples or acne.

How does treatment help people with holes in the face?

Treatment for hole in face helps sufferers by improving the texture and appearance of facial holes or scars. The best treatment, though, depends upon the characteristic of the hole in the face. For instance, punch technique may work on ice pick holes while dermal filters, punch elevation and laser resurfacing works for boxcar holes. Rolling holes may be treated with subcision, while hypertrophic hole can be treated through laser technology or by using steroid cortisone creams and injections.

Is hole in the face preventable?

The best treatment for hole in face is prevention, and this can be done by:

  • Preventing inflammatory breakouts through proper skin care.
  • Avoiding scratching, squeezing or pricking acne, blackheads and pimples.
  • Seeking help from qualified dermatologists in treating skin problems to minimize scarring.

Hole in face is an unsightly reminder of a history of skin problems. The treatments help in reducing the texture and appearance of holes or scars to make them less noticeable. It is important to realize that treatment methods depend on the characteristic of holes or scars.  Most importantly, proper skin care is very effective in preventing hole in face from recurring.

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