Hemochromatosis Symptoms and Treatment


Hemochromatosis is a disorder that can affect the body’s ability to break down iron, which makes too much iron being absorbed in the digestive tract. The diseases occurs when there is too much iron build-up in the liver leading to its swelling.

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Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

1. Abdominal pain
2. Loss of body hair
3. Loss of sexual desire
4. Weight loss
5. Fatigue
6. Excess pigmentation or darkening of the skin
7. Joint Pain
8. Lack of energy

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Hemochromatosis treatment

The intention of the treatment is to get rid of excess iron from the body and treat any organ that may be damaged. There is a medical procedure called phlebotomy that removes extra iron from the body. This is done by removing one and a half liter of blood from the body, so that the iron level comes down. This can take anytime between many months and even years to accomplish.

After this, phlebotomy is done to a lesser extent to maintain normal iron levels in the body. This also depends on the symptoms that Hemochromatosis in the patient’ case is associated with, hemoglobin levels and the iron that is taken in the diet.
Testosterone hormone therapy improves loss of sexual desires and conditions like Diabetes, liver failure heart failure, arthritis are treated according to their case. One also has to follow the right diet for hemochromatosis so that there is no increase in the iron levels. . The doctor will advise you to stop taking iron pills, vitamin supplements, raw seafood, eating from iron cookware, and breakfast cereals that contain iron and also refrain from drinking alcohol.

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