Heat Bumps on Face


Heat bumps on face cause superficial blisters or lumps on the face, especially on the forehead. They may appear on other parts of the face or body as well, but they tend to crop up more frequently on the forehead. These bumps arise due to excessive sweating as a result of high humidity and temperature. Heat bumps are often confused with pimples, stings, insect bites and even measles because their appearances are quite the same.

Treatment for heat bumps on face is generally effective and easy that it could even be done at home. In some cases, however, heat bumps are due to the disruption of the body’s normal heat regulation, and are accompanied by fever and extreme exhaustion. Doctor’s advice is highly needed is such instances to determine any underlying health problems

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Causes of heat bumps on face 

Heat bumps on the face are brought forth by clogged pores which prevent sweat from coming out. The skin is made up of tiny pores which allow heat to get out of the body in the form of sweat. Blocked pores disrupt the release of sweat and results in red and inflamed bumps on the skin. Extremely hot temperature causes one to sweat heavily and tight clothing prevents moisture from evaporating, resulting in the formation of heat bumps. Moreover, humid environment can also trigger heat bumps to surface because it hampers the release of body heat.

Manifestations of heat bumps on face

Heat bumps could be manifested in the form of superficial blisters or deep, inflamed bumps on the face. Some itchiness and tingling sensation are also felt on the bumps. Heat bumps are a common annoyance during the warmer months and typically occur in the skin folds or areas where the skin and clothes rub each other. They look like pimples on the face that become painful if filled with pus.

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Some groups of people are more susceptible to heat bumps on the face than others, these are:

  • Infants
  • Young children
  • Older people
  • People with compromised immunity
  • Obese individuals
  • People on maintenance medications due to an underlying medical disorder

Heat bumps on face – home remedies

Heat bumps on the face usually resolve over time with or without treatment. Even so, treatment can speed up the healing process as well as prevent future break outs. There are plenty of effective ways to treat facial heat bumps naturally.  These are some of the popular treatment remedies:

  • Cool the face by splashing cold water or massaging with a cold towel. Rubbing an ice cube on the face for several minutes also helps cool the face as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Proper skin care keeps bacteria off the skin. This could be done by washing the face using antibacterial soaps or soaps with salicylic acid. Tea tree oil has likewise been proven effective in treating skin problems, including heat bumps.

It is also advisable to limit sun exposure during extremely hot weather. Wearing light clothing and keeping cool while sleeping may also help in treating heat bumps on face.

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