Green Discharge from Vagina


A green discharge from vagina is an indicator that the woman could be suffering from a serious vaginal disease. Other common symptoms that accompany this would be itching on the vaginal area, pain while urinating, and abdominal pain.


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Discharge from the vagina is normal as this serves to protect the vagina from foreign microorganisms and keeps the vagina clean at the same time. A normal discharge is characterized by a white translucent liquid that could be thicker at the onset of menstruation. A whitish discharge from the vagina is nothing to be worried about. However, if there’s a green discharge accompanied by foul smell, itching and pain, it is something that needs to be discussed with the doctor because these could be signs and symptoms of a possible serious vaginal disease.


Causes of Green Discharge from Vagina


Green discharge from vagina could be due to fungal or bacterial infections. Some of the diseases that arise from these infections are trichomoniasis and gonorrhea, among other sexually transmitted diseases.

• Trichomoniasis is caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis; it brings yellow to green discharge from vagina, itching of the vaginal area and pain during urination.

• Gonorrhea, on the other hand, is caused by the organism Nesseria gonorrhea. It also shares the same symptoms of trichmoniasis like the green discharge from vagina, itchiness, and blood in the urine.

• Bacterial vaginosis can also cause the green discharge from vagina and is characterized by a fishy smell. Gardnella vaginalis causes this condition.


The organisms that cause these diseases alter the normal white and translucent discharge from the vagina making it thicker or clumpy, turning it yellowish to greenish, with a foul, fishy odor.

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Treatment of Vaginal Diseases


Below are the treatment methods for the common diseases that cause the green discharge from vagina:


Bacterial vaginalis – Bacterial vaginalis is easily treated with oral antibiotics prescribed by doctor. The type of antibiotic is dependent on the kind of bacteria that invaded the woman’s vagina. Some doctors would prescribe antibiotic topical creams.


Trichomoniasis – Some doctors would not prescribe any medicines for trichomoniasis. Some would prefer to ease the symptoms and advise the patient to have good hygiene and let the infection heal with time. However antibiotics can be prescribed for severe cases of trichomoniasis.


Gonorrhea – Antibiotics are also prescribed for gonorrhea; the treatment usually lasts for 7 days, but this depends on the severity of the disease.

Prevention of Vaginal Diseases

Preventing vaginal diseases is focused on maintaining good personal hygiene. Upon wiping the genital area, the woman must wipe from front to back and not the other way around. After sexual intercourse, it is best to wash the genitals or urinate 10 minutes after. It is also crucial to make sure that the partner is free from these diseases. Using of lycra-made undergarments should be avoided or not prolonged as this of material gathers moisture on the genitals which would make the region conducive for the growth of unwanted microorganisms. Vaginal douches are also not advisable as they cause irritation to the vagina.


Green discharge from vagina is an indicator of an infection. It is essential for the woman to take action and report this to her doctor immediately rather than wait for it to get worse.


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