Dark spots on face-How to Get Rid of Them


Dark spots on face may be a concerning issue for most individuals having these spots on their facial skin. However, these spots can be efficaciously diminished through common home remedies as well as medical treatments. Home remedies used for treating these spots appearing on face may include ingredients like milk, citrus fruit etc. However, before trying any home based remedies it is essential to consult a doctor and identify the underlying cause of the issue. There are several factors that may lead to such dark spots appearing on face, some of these are explained below.

Causes of dark spots on face

It is essential to understand what is causing brown spot on your face, as it will help to selectively decide an efficacious treatment. Most people blame sun damages to be the chief culprit of dark spots on face. Though these are one of the dominating causes of dark spots, there are also other possible factors that may lead to dark spots on face. Here are some of such causes.

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Hyper- pigmentation: Hyper- pigmentation causes ugly brown spots to appear on the face. Specifically there are two conditions namely Melasma or Lentigo which may lead to such conditions. These brown spots that occur on facial skin are usually due to uneven distribution of melanin on skin. This is irregular production of melanocytes which produces light brown spot, that causes melasma or lentigo (which is age spot). This can also be described as irregular accumulation of melanin producing cells. To your information, these melanin producing cells (melanocytes) are located in the bottom skin layer which is known as stratum basale. The cell regulates the production as well as distribution of melanin which imparts every person their color. The rate of melanin production may vary from person to person. It is found in more amounts in darker individuals and vice versa.

Apart from these innate physical characteristics there are other external factors that may cause dark spots on skin. These factors may include:

• Extreme exposure to sun

• Side effects of medicines or chemicals

• Hormonal changes experienced by females due to pregnancy, birth control medicines or menopause

• Any existing health disorder or diseases for example nervous system disorders

• Acne

Melasma creates uneven brown blotches in paled shade which usual appears on the nose as well cheeks. These blotches may also appear on chest as well as forehead. On darker skin these blotches may appear to be lighter as compared to surrounding skin. Melasma is common amongst women who take oral contraceptive medicine, who are experiencing menopause as well as pregnant women. Such women should avoid exposure to sun as it may cause the spot to turn worse. Check out melasma pictures

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Lentigos is also sometimes referred to as age spots or liver spots. These spots are flat and appear to be light reddish in color and usually appear on face. Other body regions where these spots may appear are throat, torso, hands, shoulder blades as well as shoulders. The spots of lentigos usually appear on skin which are consistently exposed to sunlight. When the skin is exposed to direct ultraviolet or UV rays of sun, the melanocyte cell gets over- stimulated. Due to this stimulation the cells clusters together and appears as age spots.

Lentigos spots may differ in size from minute to even a couple of inches. These spots are more frequently recorded in light- skinned individuals and may start to appear noticeably as early as by the age of 30. Though these dark spots on face are harmless, they may make you look unattractive. This is the reason why most people tend to get rid of such a condition.

Treatment for dark spots on face

It is believed that for treating such spots appearing on face, you may use any of several home remedies for dark spots. You may not even have to spend on medicines. However, for many people these remedies may not help. If you knew what ingredients may help in removing these dark spots then you may certainly save a lot of money, but at the same time it is also said that these treatment techniques may not be helpful. Some people still prefer such natural treatment for dark spots on skin as these are better then applying harmful chemical on your face.

Some of such helpful home based ingredients for dark spots on face are:

Citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits such orange, sweet lemon as well as lime contain vitamin C in significant amount. Vitamin C is one of the natural bleaching agents. It is said that lemon is the best among all citrus fruits and is widely used in facials, face masks etc. One should apply pure lime juice using finger or cotton swab on the affected region and wash after 5 minutes. Lemon can also be added to home based face masks solutions for example cucumber face masks or apricot.

Honey and Milk:

Similar to citrus fruits, milk as well as honey also serves as effective ingredient in curing dark spots on face. Even these two ingredients can be directly applied on the affected region. Milk such as sour milk or butter milk carries content of lactic acid. Innately, lactic acid has gentle peeling properties which also lighten the skin without any irritation; whereas, honey is known for its skin renewal properties.

Though these home base treatments may be effective, it is essential to consult a certified doctor. This will prevent any adverse consequence which may occur due to underlying issues which is also causing dark spots on face.

Medical treatment for dark spots on face

There are various medical products available over the counter which may help in lightening or removing the dark spots from your skin. These products may include

• Bleaching

• Hydroquinone for fair skin

• Kojic Acid for darker skin tone

• Ellagic

• Retinoic Acid

• Ascorbic Acid

• Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Though these over the counter medications may have proved efficacious for most people, it is not safe to use these medicines without the prescription or instruction of a doctor. You may be allergic to certain substance synthesized in these medicines; hence it is better to ask a certified health care practitioner before you use any drugs or lotion for treatment of dark spot on face.


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